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Is there a solution to watch streaming services (Netfilix, Prime etc) on Linux with decent quality? Windows VM?

this is just the old stuff… A little google fu…

Prime… I know nothing about.

I would say Android would be the path of least resistance.

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My memory is fading I tested so many things in one year or so, if I am not mistaken Kodi was one of them. Looking by the videos I check on YouTube
I guess I will have to buy a Chromecast again or dual boot again.

ya, or a firestick. So many ways of skinning that cat. buy a new 4k tv is just one.

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None of those, including mine of buying a Chromecast is a solution now for me. If I am going to buy it would be months, a year from now. They are not viable financial now.

the things you can do with kodi… but you will have to work at it.

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Netflix for me is merely passable on FireFox, but good on full fat Chrome.

Ubuntu 20.04, gnome, 1440p gtx 980, nvidia drivers.

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Youtube runs really good on chromium, even at 4k on a 30MB line, with my bro streaming 1080 youtube/twitch, but I think that’s more the algorythm, that youtube uses, and the number of pre-renders they do server side before pushing down the pipe…

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:slight_smile: Thanks, but I will pass on that.

Fedora whines and complains about the things needed.

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Never had any issues with prime/yt/twitch and Firefox on Fedora.

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Youtube, Twitch run fine at 1080p. Youtube from 1440p up my machine starts to squeal. On 4K I can’t do anything else, if I do, the video freezes (audio keeps going), have to close the browser (Firefox/Chromium/Chrome/Brave/Vivaldi). For it’s fine with 1080.
Fedora 32, Gnome 3.36, GTX 1050 mobile, NVidia drivers.

Does it play back local video at 4k? display scaling aside.

Also, what is the resolution of the screen?

Wait, I just re-read. You only need 1080 / the system should be able to do 1080, might not do above?

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i’ve struggled with this for a while, in regards to netflix both firefox and chrome based browsers you can grab the “Netflix 1080p” extension. this does work and you get a 1080p stream but something still seems a little off but that could just me overthinking it.

for amazon prime video it’s more complicated and can be a pain, a user agent extension works but only certain strings and not for very long. i find myself sometimes having to change user agent strings a couple times during a single video and once it blocks one of them it wont work for a while after that. after it blocks enough of them, it ends up blocking you all together for a period of time.

while playing a video on netflix you can pull up a stats overlay with ctrl+alt+shift+Q . on amazon prime you can use the settings gear to set quality but if you look at the “good” “better” or “best” data rates, best is at 1.17gb per hour on linux regardless of what browser you use when it should be about 6gb per hour and you would see the bold “HD” tag above the progress bar.

most streaming services, netflix, hulu, amazon prime, etc… actively block linux or anything thats not on a pre-approved list of browsers on pre-approved operating systems. netflix says it’s because linux is not capable of 1080p stream since it doesnt have an equivalent to drm protections that other operating systems do which is bs, otherwise a simple browser extension would not be enough to get around it.

most people dont notice this but if your streaming from those services while on linux your only getting 720p through a browser without using workarounds. kodi has netflix add-ons but i’ve yet to find one for amazon prime.

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I just played 4k from Youtube. Once or twice it changed to 4k for whatever reason and some couple of times to test Firefox on Gnome with micro-freezes.

I tried the extension at the time I was trying various things and did not work for me.
I use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D to see the stats. Seems that Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Q does the same thing.
Amazon’s quality options changes nothing for me, the resolution/quality stays the same.
Some times it streams at 540p instead of 720p.

My hope is to set a Windows VM just to watch that. Tried a bit with qemu-virgl and no success.

Are you capable of watching in 1080p?


I thought Netflix had a DRM thing where the only way to get 1080p or above was to use Edge on W10 or Safari on macOS? Everything else is limited to 720p.

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On YT yes.
On prime… idk… i only have options shown as data/hr (best i see is 1.1GB/hr for streaming)
On twitch, yeah… just buffers for a long time…

my internet is only 7Mb/s

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youtube you can watch in whatever bitrate you can handle, drm protected sites however actively block anything other than the short list of approved os/browsers.

it does, but for netflix it can be fooled with the right extension. even though it says 1080p with the extension it does look better but still doesnt feel up to par with windows netflix.

when i did this the results were not great but i guess it depends on your hardware being virtualised, if you passed through a gpu to the vm im sure it would work perfectly. i’ve been trying to get my hands on a shield tv pro for months, just finally had some stock of them so i ordered one and grabbed a capture card of amazon so i can use as a video input to my laptop. as soon as those arrive windows days of sucking up hard drive space and causing problems are over, i only use windows for geforce now and occasional netflix/prime watching and all of which is taken care of with the shield and capture card.

if you have a cell phone with external display capability that would be a cheaper way to go and you can get fullhd/4khdr iirc on some phones. android emulators are a joke, dont waste your time on that. i tried android x86 as well but couldnt get full hd to work on it either.

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