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Is there a solution to watch streaming services (Netfilix, Prime etc) on Linux with decent quality? Windows VM?

In Linux is there a solution?
How can I make a Windows VM with accelerated graphics just for watching Netflix, Prime etc?
I really do not want to dual boot again. I am just tired of low quality streams because I am using Linux.

OS: Fedora release 32 (Thirty Two) x86_64
CPU: Intel i5-7300HQ (4) @ 3.500GHz 
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630 
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile 
Memory: 11012MiB / 15873MiB
Internet: 25Mbps (Megabits per second)

I’ve never noticed any low quality when using Linux. Though I was using Google Chrome and that could be why. Also I was only wanting FHD content as I don’t have high res panels.


wendell sensei did netflix like 5? years ago. you got to use chrome

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Netflix and Amazon Prime Video seem to run OK in Linux Firefox. I don’t know about the quality since I tend to run them over in a corner in the background. If I wanted to really watch the show I’d use the television’s app.

I’m not even sure how to tell what resolution Netflix is playing in. Any tips?


Chrome never made a difference for me. The quality stay the same.

Well 1080p on Windows and Linux in Chrome looked the same to me. So…

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Chrome never made a difference for me. I Have the Ultra HD plan with 25Mbps fibre internet connection, but it I never get anything over 720p, if it gets there.

I swear… Kodi

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Many don’t even get to 720p only 540p down.

25 Mbps is just broadband. Not enough for 4K you at least 36 Mbps.

Do you mean 25 MBps?

What does your results say from


Was it really at 1080p?

I just want Full HD (1080), not 4K. My hardware can’t handle 4k.

But what do the results say? Do some testing.

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But your hardware looks like it can support 4k BTW.

The most important thing for Streaming is low latency.

Raw bandwidth isn’t everything because data is ‘bursty’ as my prof put it.

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I already tested it with, speedtest-cli,

❯ speedtest-cli
Retrieving configuration…
Testing from Vsat- Telecomunicacoes Ltda (…
Retrieving server list…
Selecting best server based on ping…
Hosted by VSATelecom (Viçosa) [1.82 km]: 12.737 ms
Testing download speed…
Download: 26.77 Mbit/s
Testing upload speed…
Upload: 11.00 Mbit/s

What are the results from fast?

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I wish, haha!
It doesn’t handle YouTube’s 4k, for example. Barely 1440p.
But, for me, 1080p is fine. It is really annoying to watch at 720p and less.

For streaming services?

The reason why fast results are important is because it uses Netflix servers to see what your netflix perf will be like.

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Download Speed 26Mbps, 10ms
Upload Speed 13Mbps, 63ms