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Is there a "official" League of Legends thread?


I’ve “recently” gotten into Lol a bit. A good friend of mine plays it a lot casually and she got me into it. I’ve been playing games forever, but have not played any Moba before. We’ve been playing for a few months on and off. I’m now level 26 and just started to realize how freakin’ complex this game truly is. Although a lot of our time is spend in Aram’s, we do play the occasional Normal.

I really want to up my game a little. My friend has been playing for close to 8 years and i feel i want to start catching up.

So, if there are any experienced players here, can you give me a nudge in the right direction? Resources are plentiful but overwhelming. I need something, that’s not total beginner level. I know how to play the game in it’s most basic sense. I’m more looking for Resources on how proper Teamplay works, what to look out for depending on the role you play, and maybe a breakdown of Runes and the most important items.
Often, i’m just copying a build from Metasrc, but i’d like to get a understanding of why i choose certain things, and i’d like to be able to better tailor my play to the opponents i face.

So yeah. I know that i’m in for a steep learning curve. But if you have anything that a “medium beginner” like me should learn, i’d be really grateful!



I can help you out, summoner name is same as forum.

Your best bet is to just play as many games as you can and learn every champ you can.



Pretty much that…
Although 8 would say try to master a couple champions for each position. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you don’t really have a choice of champion because you only play one or two roles and they are taken. So try to learn how to play every role and have a couple champions each.
The meta is constantly changing and there are currently like 7 billion champions, but still…



Thanks, that’s what i’ve been doing. My friend is trying to point out as many “flaws” as possible so i can learn faster.

I’m currently working with Lux and Miss Fortune. I’ve had decent success with those. Plus, ARAM helps discovering champs and quickly look at their skillset. It’s just a very intricate game, even when focussing on one hero. I’m having a hard time with things like Vision and Map awareness. I’m often so focused on my own battle that i loose track of what’s going on in the larger game.
I guess practice will help with that over time.



it will come with time.

gbay99 has some old youtube videos, not necessarily relevant in todays meta but still good watches.



You’re 10 to 20 years too old and way too nice to be an official League of Legends rep. You need to spam us with hate and condescension while falsely reporting us for cheating/throwing the match so we’re permanently banned just because we’re new and don’t know how to play.

Needs more elitism

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go fucking afk in spawn you fucking noob. you’re litterally less than useless.

heres an example of old info but still good info.

kind like the classic look better tbh.



Isn’t that a “online gaming” thing, rather than Lol specific? I’m 32 now and no matter if it’s Lol, Rocket League or Overwatch, the amount of 14 year olds that spend all match flaming how their teammates aren’t doing their job, and they should be pro is no different between those games.
I’m at a point where i 1. don’t care because i don’t get my self esteem through winning PC Games and 2. have enough friends to play with to avoid most of those players.

But from my limited experience, i agree that the Lol community has a certain vibe against new players. I personally don’t mind that though. I know that i suck at this game :wink:

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that and old farts like us have a much harder time learning all the bullshit. one of the reasons I’ve kinda quit is because every new champion is a paragraph of ability interaction that I dont have time to remember. Every champ I used to play has gotten gutted or overtuned. league is different from overwatch or rocket league. The changes are very different and the community that plays it now isnt the same community that played it when it first came out.

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I guess it depends on what you want to achieve by playing. If you want to play ranked and produce decent results while competing at the upper end of the playerbase, then i can see why this can be a problem.
I’m basically just playing to spend time with friends with something we both enjoy. I’m not planing to “get good” or anything. I just want to reach a point where i know what’s going on, and where i don’t have to be carried to hard. But as you already said, this will most likely only be achieved by simply playing a lot.

I’ll give the video a shot later, when i’m home though. Looks really interesting.



I’ve never played another game where I was temporarily banned because of the volume of people that reported me. I even told them I was a new player and maybe they should give me tips rather than screeching like the virgins they are. Didn’t have the welcoming effect I expected, for some reason :thinking:



I’m not sure how Lol matchmaking works, but shouldn’t there be a mechanism that puts players of similar skill/experience together? I know Overwatch does this (to a degree).

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I haven’t touched LoL in a while, but from what I can remember:

  • Buy wards. Always. Especially pink ones.
  • Pay attention to the mini map every couple of seconds. Map awareness really help.
  • Try to keep track of objectives - at least the ones close to you (blue buff/baron for top, red buff/dragon for bot, mid do both). A well timed dragon steal can really turn the tide.
  • Do not be afraid to politely ask for ganks from jungler etc.
  • Remember that the game is ultimately about building creep waves and pushing towers. Always try to have the push in every lane and go and defend other lanes and farm when possible, it really helps your gold income and having a teamfight mid at the same time as the other team is forced to push back top or bot is a surefire way to win.
  • Kills aren’t everything, if it’s between taking a kill and taking a tower take the tower and let the other guy run.


There is, and it works. Problem is the players who rank in Bronze but think they are Platinum tier players. :smile:



im not talking about getting gud, im talking about just simply being competent. its going to take time. to reach that level you will probably end up being in silver.

just to add to wertigons post because hes got some good advice.

yes, well sometimes. if you can remember to use it, sweeper is better. Pinks can be taken out but sweeper can deny vision without costing you a pink. Ideally youd use both.

theres timers in game for the big buffs, pay attention to these. you’ll have them top of the screen and minimap for everything else. Also herald is a big deal, go for it any chance you have. Thats often a free tower, and first blood tower gold is huge.

I’m going to add to this, the game IS indeed about pushing and taking towers but wave management today is more about denying farm than using farm to get damage down on a tower. Learn to freeze the wave right in front of your tower and you will deny your enemy farm.

the melee creeps take 2 tower shots, and 1 auto.
the caster creeps take 2 autos, and 1 tower shot.

you want to keep at least 4 of the enemy creeps up before the next wave crashes into eachother to maintain the position.

This is a super in depth guide to it but probably TMI for a new player

This is probably a little more manageable

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I do not disagree with anything in the thread here but would like to add that there is something to be said for learning one or two champions and then spamming the shit out of them. Taking away the problem of learning your champions allows you to learn the map, game pacing and how to last hit.

As a new player you will have a crap-ton of possible champions to buy. I’d pick up a few of the cheapest champions to round out your pool and consider picking for one of these to really learn the game. Annie makes a hell of a first mage to learn and you will stomp newer players once you get used to her combos. Warwick makes for a strong champion, with a forgiving jungle clear and and a kit that hands you kills. Ashe teaches every basic skill any ADC needs to know. Dr Mundo is the OG Tank and he crushes top lane at lower skill levels then runs around and just facetanks the enemy team. Soraka invented the support role. All of those champs are 450 IP and you won’t regret picking them up.

Add CatGotYourCarry, I’d be up for some chill games.

Are there a lot of people who still play here? I haven’t played in a year but I mained Rengar/Morde for a long time (I can play whatever though) and now seems like a good time to get back into them.



I don’t think I’ve ever played MOBA where I particularly cared for the community or the developers overall. HoTS has about the nicest MOBA community and they only tell you to kill yourself on occasion.

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Just play urgot and se’rch mobafire for the plat build thats from a few minor versions ago.



I just stick with ARAM, takes away all the things I do not like about MOBAs.

I own like 40 champions and because of the long break I took have no idea what I am doing.
Having guides to the champ you play open on a second screen seems to be the way to do things.



My first time playing LoL I thought I could pull out dorans blade with Ashe… Fast forward 5 years and I’ve made gold finally.