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Is there a "official" League of Legends thread?


My son is a LOL coach and i’m laughing about the comments on this thread (the discussion i hear through the wall often gets, um, a little heated). I don’t know anything about it but he spent some time in mexico and chile and a search turned this up:
I’d ask him to hop on this thread and offer some advice but i’m afraid he might be the epitome of above complaints :pleading_face:
I mean, it sounds like an interesting game I guess. On the plus side he’s gotten fluent in spanish.



Sounds like he turned video games into some damn good life experience, I think his work right now is the work of the future. Competitive gaming is a market in its infancy and there has never been a better time to release content. Production tools are so widely available and the world is so interconnected.

I think in a few generations video game leagues will be like the NFL. Especially once TV dries up and everything is consumed via the internet and web platforms. The production values on current Esports shows is pretty incredible considering where online casting started.



Agreed; the independent international travel, cross-cultural immersion, and subsequent language skills are pretty awesome. It came at the cost of giving up a nearly free ride at a top 50 college - which as a parent has been a little difficult to swallow - but then I’ve never been one to trod on the beaten path either. Know-it-all gamer kid showing up penniless to camp at your house, borrow your car, eat your food (and leave the dishes in the sink) - for 3-6 month periods or whenever convenient? That’s another story (for a know-it-all old fart).

As far as the future - I think your’e right, and certainly he thinks so - it’s definitely his plan to try and make a career of it. He’s currently taking math and economics, and I believe aiming to get into one of the few respected colleges offering game theory. My only concern there is the rapid advance of technology and the often very limited period of time one can stay ahead of the curve/relevant. But hell, life is damned short, and if you spend all of your time stashing away acorns for the future you might just miss it; so ultimately i think it’s best to aim high, do want you want, and let the chips fall where they may.

But this thread is about supposed to be about LOL (not my kid), so I’ll shut up now :blush: