Is the Threadripper PRO any good for gaming

Im torn between going for a Threadripper PRO 3995WX build or an R9 5950X build for my new system, I like the idea of having 64 cores and 128 threads and PCI lanes for days, but will the single thread performance make gaming a horrible experience. This will also be a workstation PC as well hence wanting to have the extra power but I am torn any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Its a modern motherboard. You’ll be fine.

The question is, is there a reason why the TR4 platform isnt good for gaming? I cant think of any reason why.

Even if you go for ECC RAM, it shouldnt have significant hits in performance and should make games crash less, theoretically.

Just make sure you dont overpay for features you wont use.

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Thanks mate appreciate the advice :metal:

I have a 3990x and 3950 and the 3990x flawless with gaming and i can do so much more at the same time without it effecting the game unlike the 3950. Threadripper is an awesome platform but i purchased it because i do have a real use for the threadripper for work and gaming was second …

"Is the Threadripper PRO any good for gaming "

Stick with 5950x
I got under utilized GPU with pro, haven’t had that happen with a 5950X yet

"Is the Threadripper PRO any good for gaming "

Stick with 5950x

you have no idea what your talking about … this is your opinion and not based on facts. Threadrippers do perfect with gaming.

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Bud I tested a 3090 with the threadripper pro in wendell’s office

I couldn’t get the thing to go above 120FPS

There’s a reason why out test setup is a 5950X

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I will have to warn you tho if you plan on using only windows and have no real use for threadripper you are wasting time … you need linux to really pull the benefits from it due to the horrible scheduler in windows on anything that has a ton of cores and threads.

You must not have done anything of value in your testing since saying a blanket no its not good for gaming is a joke.

My 3990x with amd 6900 can play every title and better than the 3950 with the same 6900x. plus the ability todo multiple things at the same time as gaming without it harming the performance which you cannot do with a normal Ryzen …

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That’s cool in all but a 3900x is not a 5950x

no but its a comparison of what a threadripper vs a normal ryzen would do. Come on … and clearly you did not read i did not say 3900x

You seem to be forgetting that 3950x 3990x are all Zen 2 while 5950x is zen 3 which clocks much higher

Your joking right … this was used for the person to know the performance difference a 3950 vs 5950 is between 14% – 29% performance. thats all. You really are not bringing any value to this conversation other than your biases …

Threadrippers can be used for gaming and they are good … hard stop. If he has a use for the threadripper other than gaming he will not be disappointed …

What is your use case? I see you say workstation. But what kind of work? If you are worried about gaming performance I woulld say zen3 or zen3 thread ripper when it is released is better due to higher clocks, higher ipc. Zen3 thread ripper is on its way and should be out before holidays if not at the latest, holiday season.

But zen3 based threadripper would be better than zen2, id say wait for pricing and actual availability of zen3. threadripper Zen 2 might be lowered in price too due to new line coming out. If he needs the ram bandiwdth or pcie lanes go with threadripper or build two ryzen systems. one for gaming and one for workstation. A 3990 could afford you two 3900x or two 5900x systems.

You clearly are biased as well.

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Greater than 120 fps !

And this Threadripper rig of mine is only a 5700XT, mine with a 6900 blows past it like its standing still.

Threadripper is a godsend for gamedevs.

So like with games like sottr they seem to have a master rendering thread and with overkill gpus like the 6900xt and 3080/3090 they perf at 1080p is the same as or very close to 1440p with threadripper but not CPUs where the individual cores are faster. Not great scaling. It’s the 1 thread (1t) performance that holds it back with threadripper.

With the 5950x it’s 19% higher ipc plus higher clocks so many games like sottr do really really well with that. (Vs more cores on something like the 3970x or tr pro).

16 cores is plenty for many people in terms of workstation plus gaming use cases.

The 1t on ,3000 series ryzen and tr is even better than x299 Intel but not as good as 9th / 10th / 11th gen Intel desktop. Or 5k ryzen desktop.

Some games are less sensitive to the 1t performance, though.

So the 5950x maxes out 1t perf while still giving you 16 cores. The 1t perf difference of 11th gen Intel is very very small vs the 5950x and you have 8 less cores so imho that makes the 10/11th gen Intel cpus more of a desktop plus gaming cpus whereas the 5950x is workstation-ish potentially.

With the same gpu, if you are 1t limited in your game, other non threadripper cpus will produce higher frame rates because the weakest thing about Tr and tr pro is it’s 1t performance. Again still that’s better than x299 but that’s what is meany when we say things like 1080p perf with highest end gpus is bottlenecked by threadripper 3000 potentially.

Sottr is one such game where at low res the perf is limited and bumping the res up doesn’t negatively impact the frame rate because it was so constrained at e.g. 1080p by the round trip time of the single governor thread in the game.

It’s not that threadripper is bad for gaming. If you only game it’s way not the right choice, though.

If you earn money with your computer or it’s your career TR can be a great choice and still provide a fabulous gaming experience. But if you’re many core performance-curious the 5950x is unbeatable imho. It does everything.

The 5000 series threadripper is going to really really be something I bet.


Perfection ! Thx Wendell