Is the Tek Linux channel dead? I miss it :(

Hey guys. Just curious.. I found the Tek Linux channel about a year ago and loved it, but it hasn't seen a new video in 5 months now.

Just wondering if you all plan to upload any more content on that channel or if we should just consider it dead. Good Linux channels are few and far between.. so it sorta sucks to see one of my favorites not getting updated.


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@Wendell just mentioned that there were some upcoming Linux videos in the last episode of The Tek.

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Sorry for the delay, we had to find a way to fund it (time and $). It's almost back from the dead ;)

Plus also the community writing tutorials and documentation helps me out A TON. So that's nice also.


Well then... I'm 9 minutes into the latest episode as I read your reply.. so I guess I'll hear about it shortly. Ha.

Thanks wendell. No need to apologize, just happy to know it's not dead :D

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Are you saying that 1 unit of necromancy = time + money


I'm not trying to be a narcissist, I swear, but will any of the upcoming videos be based on my Proxmox guide? I'd really like to see your impressions of the setup, and I had some total kernel hangs that I believe to be the result of the SSD. I turned off NCQ and it hasn't happened again...knock on wood...but I'd like to see how it works for other people too.

yeah, but probably a ways down the line. I have some spare dell R710 servers I may try and use for the setup. Im toying with using either an R520 or an R710 outfitted with an intel NVMe SSD + a drive pool (maybe a 24 drive netapp box idk yet) for NFS or iSCSI storage + another R710 or 20 as the proxmox nodes. The ncq works dandy++ on the intel nvme SSDs and there have been some open box specials on newegg for $100 off

Okay, cool! It may just be my SSD. I'm using a Corsair I got secondhand, I don't think it's been abused at all but it isn't bleeding edge so it may have some little issues. If the problem persists I may investigate a firmware update or something, but the weird thing is there didn't seem to be anything in any of the logs. Not even kern.log had any entries that seemed to indicate what happened to cause the freeze.

check firmware, there may be an ssd firmware upgrade. hard locks like that are usually bad drivers, or fairly severe hardware hiccups

Okay. The only Windows machine I've got is a laptop, but I have a USB SATA adapter thing, so will that create any weirdness if I try to upgrade the firmware with the SSD connected to that? I have a means to back up the drive, so data loss is not an issue, I just really don't wanna brick the SSD.

Would like to see episode on VLMC video editor on Debian or Debian based distro.

Hi Friends,
I don't want to be one of those people who winge about upload schedules. Just a polite inquiry to the happenings of Tek Linux. Also I imagine the constant relocating has been a major setback. I'm pretty sure I've watched and enjoyed every video. Anything in the pipe?

Yep... The Relocating and getting the Office has put a damper on the projects surely.

I personally have been waiting for the ESR follow up video and the rumored Networking videos as well. Also, On Patreon there should be a goal for the Tek Linux channel. Shenanigans are ok but I think the community would appreciate the growth of Linux content more than the Logan Shenanigans... Just my opinion

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It's cause they're moving. Anything that hasn't been done yet, it's cause they're moving.

yeah... I'd hate to post this, but I don't really think Wendell is part of the move. He's still in kentucky, who's really the author of tek linux.

However he did the OBS video recently, which should be under Tek Linux, but it's under Tek Syndicate.

I think you should request or recommend videos. The latest tek linux videos wendell said he's working in, is how to setup a website with a (VPS) I think, with a new .tech domain name. So I'm sure Wendell is working on something.

Honestly I don't think relocating can be used to blame their lack of content. In regards to Tek Linux, Logan could continue to do his Linux Log vidoes, and that would be incredibly easy and quick to put together. Qain said that Logan still uses Linux for 60% of his daily computing needs. Well if this is true, and I have no reason not to believe them, why not make a quick video about this? People loved his first Linux Log video.

@wendell Sometimes I get the weird feeling that people don't read every thread on these forums.


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Don't worry its not dead.

Would suggesting a Patreon goal for the Tek Linux channel be out of the question? I understand that you guys know what you are doing but maybe slot a TEK LINUX goal before the "Logan Shenanigans" on Patreon, or possibly Linux oriented T-Shirts, I'd easily double my support if I knew that was a concrete goal.