iOS 14 Features and Stuff

Theres been a little bit of discussion on the WWDC thread. But With some new features popping up I though it might be worth its own thread. (where’s the Android equivalent btw?)

Apple describe a lot of the new features here

But some of the privacy facing ones stand out.

Privacy information on the App Store

A new section on each product page on the App Store helps you see a summary of the privacy practices of the app before you download it.15Developers self-report their privacy practices, including data collected by the developer and used to track you across companies, in a simple, easy-to-read format.

App tracking controls and transparency

Developers are now required to get your permission before tracking you. See which apps you have given permission to track in Settings so you can change your preferences.

Approximate location

A new setting lets you choose to share your approximate location, rather than your precise location, with an app.

Limited Photos library access

You can choose to share only selected items with a developer who asks for access to your photos, or you can give access to your entire library.

Recording indicator

iOS displays an indicator whenever an app is using the mic or camera, both in the app and in Control Center.

Upgrade to Sign in with Apple

Developers can offer the option to upgrade existing app accounts to Sign in with Apple so users can enjoy improved privacy, security, and ease of use without setting up a new account.

Of these there’s a few stand out ones to me. In particular the two most noticeable changes that ive seen and used are the improved location controls and the recording indicator.

This I use. On the occasion where an app needs to know you’re rough location (like verifying your in the right country), manually specifying the app to get your approximate location once is really handy.

The other improvement that is more of an awareness one is the recording indicator

TikTok for the example. Top right there’s the little orange dot. That indicates that the microphone is being used. In TikToks situation its using the microphone as soon as you open the app.

Orange is the microphone, green is video/audio. It makes it easy to see apps abusing permissions you’ve given them.

I think the privacy options overall are great improvements.

Theres new app tracking permissions

And things like Sign in with Apple while I think still have some improvement to go are actually quite a good idea, and the updates are improving it well. Anything that adds security built-in is good imo.

On the non privacy side the three big ones for me are Picture in Picture, widgets, and the banner option for phone calls. Long awaited it seems.

Is anyone else running the beta?


Thank you for the good summary!
I am thinking of switching to iOS seeing all the improvements.
Might do it after my Xiaomi Mi A1 stops receiving security updates.

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The tag in my name is a bit of a joke. But ive only actually had an iPhone for about a year and a half. I had Android phones before then.

This was one of the larger deciding factors for me.

I do like where they’ve been going with some of these features, especially the more security and privacy related ones.

Some of the other v14 updates are quite good, but these are the ones ive interacted with the most (except the Home Screen improvements, that I also like)

The deciding factor for me was always price. I can buy a decent Android phone for 250$. I can’t do it on the Apple side of life. But going forward I have more money to spend, i just might spend it on an iPhone.

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You can check out some cost considerations here iPhone - Which of these is best (I don't do Apple personally)

In some cases it may not actually be that much more expensive (except for a larger up front cost)

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iOS is starting to look good, my OP6 is starting to have some problems so I might get an iPhone next.

One of my favourite features.

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Here’s a video displaying some of the new features

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Sign-in with Apple is interesting, but it sounds like it is still giving out your name to any service you sign up with. You can of course use a very generic alias for your entire Apple account, but I reckon very few people will do that.

Data collection is limited to the user’s name and email address, and Apple’s private email relay lets users receive email even if they prefer to keep their address private.


If a service wants a name as well you’re able to edit your name before signing up/in to whatever you want in the sign in prompt.

So it’s per sign in config for name and email.

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I’ve moved back to iOS as well - I started off with a 3GS, then a 4, and I think I had a 7 at one point. Now I’m on a XS Max, and a Watch Series 3. iOS14 is much, much better, being able to hide the massive clutter of icons is brilliant.

In all honesty, it’s the Watch that’s made me move permenantly. There’s no other smartwatch that comes close to the functionality in the Android world.

Yes, there are a few things I can’t do on iOS that I can on Android, but neither is a dealbreaker.

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I don’t know what the magic recipe is. But it seems when it comes to tablets and the watch they seem to blow everyone else out the water?

iOS 14 on the iPad is also really good, and probably the standout feature is the hand writing recognition in any text field in any app anywhere. (Scribble)

It’s about a proper software and OS for either, neither of which Android/Google has bothered to do.

I will be switching from Samsung galaxy A51.

Apple look to be announcing their iPhone 12 next week, might be worth waiting till then and seeing what’s on offer.

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A month or so later, I’ve gone and got a Watch Series 6 (in the Blue because it’s all I could get because COVID). It’s far and away better than the Series 3. Better battery, better screen, always-on, Sp02, ECG, faster…

I was considering upgrading my XS Max, but the iPhone 12 line doesn’t offer much that’s new, just as the 11 series didn’t. The XS Max is still under a year old (I got it in March 2020), and it’s been great - even has decent battery life.