INTJ count (Myers Briggs)

Myers Briggs Test: How many INTJ do we have here?

ISTJ here.

Surprisingly there are a large number of INTJ, INTP and INFJ's on the forum. They also tend to be the ones who see the most value in Myers Briggs.

INTJ here

Reporting in, INTJ

Fellow INTJ here. Good to see there are others.

raises hand

Hello everyone :)

INTP here.

EDIT: INTP actually. got my latest result mixed up

Reporting for booty duty

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Who the hell is this guy? lol

last time i tested

Arthur Arcturus. I came across his channel when I first started researching Myers Briggs and learning what the cognitive functions were. This particular video of his is great and it cracks me up every single time.

Another right here

INTP 5w6 I think for me.

If I remember correctly.... I'm INTJ

INTP here

aye..... INTJ here.