Internet drops

I’m getting random dropped connections on wireless. Ethernet is mostly fine although sometimes it gets to a state where I can’t ping anything or use the network in anyway until I physically disconnect it and then reconnect. What I don’t get is why it was working for the past month or so with no issue and then all of the sudden they’re issues again ( was having issues before when I first upgraded to att fiber 1000 plan but got that fixed for awhile with a new modem they sent.

So things I tried:
Resting the modem to factory settings

Replacing all Ethernet cables in the setup with new cable I bought (bought them cat 8 cuz why not I know anything higher than cat6e is useless for me but I was buying new cables any way.

Moving around my wifi extender

Contacting att. (They say that this issue is impossible as fiber either works or doesn’t and that it’s my problem. (Great support contacting them is next to impossible also thx to covid-19 and there automated system that will hang up the phone if it doesn’t detect an issue. Even saying agent will get your call hangup. And chat is almost never available)

Using my Asus router behind att router (you have to have att router in the setup you can’t bypass it and the issue get even worse when I use my Asus router)

Asking for a different modem/router
This fixed the issue for me before for a time but they came back.

Looking into a new ISP (the only other one in my area are Comcast and several satilite service providers

Something interesting I found looking through the modem settings

Dirty optics? Try a fiber cleaning tool?

on what devices does it drop out on?

Does your wifi drop on other devices too?
If no, can you turn on personal hotspot in your phone to check if the problem lies in your computer itself?
If yes, there might be interference from a new bluetooth device around you.
Try changing to 5 GHz if it’s available in your router.
You can also try changing wireless channel in your router configuration page (don’t go 11, 12 or 13)
There might also be an option for bluetooth optimization in your wifi adapter settings.

Another possibility is that someone near you is using an ESP8266 or similar wifi deauther which may cause wifi drops. This is illegal in most of the countries. If you scan your wifi while it’s dropping, do you see any new wifi there?

I wonder if what you’re experiencing has anything to do with WiFi and if you have any p2p stuff going on that’s crashing your at&t gateway.

There’s some insights and also a “how to” bypass the 802.1x gateway here:

These instructions are specific to pfSense, … but I guess they describe the at&t setup pretty well.

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Since you have a second router installed, maybe you could configure the ISP router in bridge mode. I had seconds long latency now and again using ISP router, then I setup my own with pfsense, the other in bridge mode, and can now utilize gigabit internet without any problems.

On pretty much anything mobile devices or PC. I doubt channel interference is the issue as the modem has a built in feature where it will tell me if there is alot of wifi interface and if I want to scan for a new channel. It seems pretty accuate

I was using my own router but that was making the issue worse. And the att tech convinced everyone else in the family that 3rd party routers cause issue and that they don’t support them. Which is BS but my network
Was a lot more stable until now when I disconnected my Asus router. So I’m just using the att modem right now.

use an app like netspot and screenshot results

Don’t know what exactly I’m looking for but this screen shot was taken on my phone in the room furthest from the modem

HOMENET2 is me and idk why it says no connection I’m connected to the WiFi rn

read a little on this and it seems my problem might be that I’m hitting my modems max number of connections causing the “drops” unfortunately bypassing the modem looks very complex, so I think my only option is to switch to Comcast or deal with the drops

What do you guys think?

max connections wouldn’t be the case if you used the asus one and it got worse

Well we had a different modem then that a
Had a known firmware bug with it’s passthrough mode so 3rd party router would have issues on that modern specially Asus

It was the pace 52ac or something like that that I had the issue we have the bgw-210 now

Besides if you read the git hub post and article above you would see that it says even if you use a 3rd party router your still limited by the modems max connection hardware limit as you are still going through it to get internet

Also Can a badly placed WiFi extender cause drops? Something i just realized the internet started dropping out after I got a message on the att app saying the extender is to close

Those AT&T gateways are widely known to be trash. All ISPs will try and tell you that you can’t bridge it, but the level 1 dude on the phone or at your house doesn’t usually know what the fuck they are talking about, they are usually reading you a script. You may have to get nasty with them, but they will bridge it. If it won’t work I would make them replace it.

But in the end, I would not use it as my router. That gives them visibility into all of your shit

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Read the above post with the GitHub link it’s imposible to put it into true bridge mode without some hacks

Damnit I remember that now. It’s Spectrum that lies about it

Tbh dude I would switch ISPs lol. AT&T is a dumpster fire

From what I understood I wouñd need a embedded computer like a raspberry pi 3 NICs and pfsense

The only other ISP is this area is Comcast so its pick your poison

Appently if I lived in an apartment I could get fusion or I forget what it was called but it’s basically Google fiber for my area it’s backed by google