Intel Launches Ice-Lake CPUs

Intel finally launched some Ice-Lake CPUs (they are Laptop CPUs btw, mostly for U and Y series CPUs). The base clocks are very low on these CPUs but they appear to have finally raised the IPC on their CPU as well (around 17% if I remember correctly), I thought they be stuck on Skylake forever at the rate they were going.

The integrated GPUs are a lot faster so they actually have something that can actually compete with the Ryzen APUs on more than just CPU performance. And if the Linux drivers are as good as Intel CPUs and integrated GPUs usually are, then it will probably be better suited for Linux than Ryzen Mobile is.

I am actually somewhat impressed at this point that Intel is still pushing 2C/4T CPUs to be frank though. Granted it’s only 1 SKU and is probably best suited to being a sub-10W CPU so not that big of a deal.

Any thoughts on this launch?


The 25 W Core i7-1065G7 is asfast as a 45w 9300h according to notebookcheck.

Are we talking about single threaded or multithreaded? I have a hard time believing that is multithreaded performance unless the 6-Core part is thermal throttling or something but for single thread it’s very plausible.

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From what I’ve seen with my 8750h, they almost never thermal throttle. Its almost always power limit throttling which on those H skus is not adjustable AFAIK.

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3ish days

I would think the main reason for this is it is a Notebook part, they want as much battery life as possible between charges.

that would be a correct assumption. that reason and for the thermals of power delivery… unless you’re apple in which case you under perform because your vrm overheats.

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I wasn’t really thinking of Apple but any of the PC OEM/ODM’s out there like Asus/MSI/Clevo etc…

So does Foxconn make the Notebooks for Apple too or just the IOS devices ?

Foxconn assembles everything for Apple but the Mac pros, I believe.

There are rumors the new Air will go Arm with an in house built chip by Apple. Although, knowing Apple they would probably put the dual core ice lake intel in there. Lol

Probably Chromebook and tablet targeted.

I do have the laptop itch again…

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Supposedly Google decided to skip ice lake for chromebooks.

Google isn’t the only one to make chromebooks

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google is big dum dum

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Or Google has looked at the 14+++++++ for so long, they lost faith.

In some ways it is still amazing how much Intel has optimized that process node to death and back and dug it up some more for even more refreshes.

But they are losing some PR when it comes to the process node race and this can go a long ways.

Can i just say how god freakin’ awfull those names are? How is ANY normal consumer supposed to know in store what the heck they are buying? 1065G7 or 1068G7 os a difference of 1Ghz in Baseclock. That’s HUGE. What the hell.

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They are not supposed to know. All a regular consumer sees is

“NEW Gen 10 Intel Core i7”

after that it could be a half a core at 333mhz and it would not matter one ounce of a fuck, it has been sold.

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That isn’t the worst of it, the worst is that “10th gen” has both 10nm and 14nm++++++ chips in it.

Anyway, 18% IPC improvement is very encouraging. Looking forward to seeing where Intel competes on desktop.

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Has it?
I stopped trying to memorize intel lineups after their 43 SKU launch.

What worth is IPC if 10nm is so shit it can not clock past 2GHz?

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These are power-constrained mobile chips, desktop will clock higher.