In need of monitor recommendations

hi guys
been out of the PC loop for the last few years and am planning a few upgrades to by ageing system and have posted a thread here >>>In Need of PC Upgrade Help

It is ggoing to be using it for gaming and CAD work, looking at 34inch ultra wides at the moment but don’t really know what to go for. The Crossover 34U100 and Crossover 3412UM were my first thought (almost purely due to the fact that wendell has reviewed them) but am not too sure if curved monitors are just a meme
I have also thought of going 40inch 4k but likewise would need recommendations here

just looking for peoples thoughts and will clarify anything that isnt too clear here

Curved displays are a no-go for cad and 3d design. At least for me. Lines look curved, so making things straight will be more challenging than on a flat display. Something to keep in mind.


Find a Dell U2711 used.

27 Inch
IPS Panel

They are very well built


yeah heard about that, which i know would just drive me mental and the selective viewing positions so will be going for a flat screen.

I’ve been doing a bit more thinking/research and have narrowed down what I’m looking for, probably should have made this post a day or two later so sorry for kinda wasting peoples time

im now looking for a 40/43inch 4k monitor with 4 quadrant picture by picture or ideally picrel image to simulate an ultrawide on the bottom with two additional screens above
gsync compatible/freesync would be a big pro too

planning to delete this thread tomorrow and maybe make a new one/wait a few days and then look for some 40inch 4k recommendations

sorry guys but thanks again for your help
not quite what Im looking for but might be a good shout for an extra monitor if i ever find the need lol, thank you

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in regards to big decent 40/43 inch monitors with gsync/freesync, there is currently only shit out there.
for example:
lg43ud79, has shadowing on the edges if looked at from the center among other issues, but that alone makes it useless.

philips 436m6vbpad several horrible issues, having 2 different sets of subpixels and a BGR instead of RGB layout being the biggest and also quiet insane ones.

personally i am looking forward to the asus xg438q, it would have 120 hz with freesync and HOPEFULLY! be free of horrifying issues, that most current 43 inch monitors have and be good enough for cad and 3d design for u.
but who knows when it will come out, it was shown at CES a while ago, price and shipping date unknown, BUT it may be what u’re looking for in the scarce place of good 40/43 inch 4k monitor area :confused:
so maybe waiting on it for more info could be worth it not sure.

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Same as always for gaming:
Skip Ultarwide and 4k. If gaming is ANY consideration, go with 144 Hz, IPS and 1440p. Anything beyond is impossible to drive for no benefit.

If productivity is the main concern, i’d go with multiple screens. I’d take 2 or 3 27" over a single 43" 4k screen any day. Most Desktops (Windows or Linux) are really bad at arranging windows on a single screen. The only thing that works decently are tiling window managers. But those struggle with HiDPI.

So, save the money on Ultrawide and 4k and get 2-3 great 1440p 27" Monitors instead. Or do the 2 by 2 solution with 4 24" Monitors. Only a little bigger than the 43" 4k option, but much better window Management options.

Edit: Just to adress the 4x PbP option: The LG monitor with 4 inputs (not sure of the model) was 4k and 43". The lag between inputs made using two together as a single screen for gaming impossible. Major tearing…

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Dell ultrasharps, specifically 1920x1200 ones

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ah glorious 16:10 beauty, do they still produce those in some cases for productivity?

at least in laptops i see the final push back from 16:9 madness to 16:10 or 3:2, i wish this would also happen to desktop displays again.
it is madness, that 10 years ago we had 2560x 1600 30 inch 16:10 displays and now we only get 1440p garbage or the huge jump to 4k uhd, which needs 40 inches or around there due to scaling and there is no good 40 incher at 4k uhd as i mentioned earlier…

the display industry is just pure sadness, moving backwards, like the hdd industry getting rid of AAM and introducing SMR tech to mainstream users… just why can’t we have good things, or why can’t we at least keep good things… we already had. :confused:


damn sucks to hear about the possibly dodgy input lag between two subsections of the same screen.

i had kind of settled on the Philips 436M6VBPAB 00/01 (i cant tell a difference) i trawled through 4k 40-43 inch monitors and this was the best i could find, i may have another look when it actually comes to purchasing

i was hoping to find something with a two top single screen bottom split as i saw this option in a korean ultrawide review by level1 but couldnt find this on any monitors that were still available to purchase.

Although i mentioned gaming i much prefer better colour representation rather than uber-response as i view gaming as an entertainment rather than any “e-sport”