In Need of PC Upgrade Help

looking to upgrade my pc but ive been out of the loop for a couple years so could do with a hand

current specs:
AMD fx-8350 @4.8ghz
asus crosshair V formula-Z
8gb 1600mhz ddr3
gtx 670

Im planning to buy a an oculus rift as well as a new monitor possibly the Crossover 34U100/Crossover 3412UM or a more mainstream equivalent help here is also required (i am in the UK so may have to pay VAT-20% on a korean monitor)

thinking of going for an rtx2060 or a gtx 1660, 32gb of corsair vengeance 2400mhz as i dont want to end up “tfw fell for the 16gb ram meme”

thanks, sorry if anything here is horribly wrong, this is my first post :sweat_smile:

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A few questions:

  • What sort of use case does you PC get? (Gaming only, video recording/editing, coding/software development, engineering/CAD, etc.)
  • Budget?
  • Region of the world?
  • How urgent do you need the machine? (“Oh fuck, it died and I have 3 days to hand in my bachelors thesis” to “mid next year is fine”)
  • Monitor/OS/etc. needs? Peripherals?

Welcome to the forum!
All good, we are here for free and for fun.

thanks for the reply!

gaming and CAD work as i am an engineering student who has foolishly decided to spend their next student loan on pc upgrades

located in the uk
looking to buy the components within the next month but no urgent need as my pc is still fully functional
need a new monitor as in the OP looking at something 3440*1440, unsure if i would prefer a curved or flat monitor as of yet

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my mouse keyboard and speakers are all still perfectly fine

Thanks for posting. Welcome to the forum, I unfortunately don’t have much to add it seems like your barking up the right tree. My opinion on one thing, I have used several curved screens lately, and feel they add nothing to my experience, and it seems to me that if it was a price difference money is better spent on a better flat monitor. I felt like the screens I was using were great in only one spot, one angle. I move around alot and change positions, rolling my chair all around the place. Just my opinion.

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what? me, correct? what nonsense is this? feel i need someone to tell me im wrong. any reasons to not get the 2060?

i had the same thought about curved monitors as most of the time, watching youtube, i am in all number of positions, any recommendations? or should i take my thread to a monitor section (if there is one)

My suggestion (as you are a student, you should be able to get Win10Edu for free via your uni):

Part Note
Ryzen 5 2600 6c/12t CPU
Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 120mm aircooler. Have it on an 1700x, would recommend.
ASRock B450M Steel Legend
Kingston HyperX Predator 2x 16GB Is on memory support list listed as 3000MHz
WD Blue 500GB M.2 SATA M.2, consult manual on where to install (speaking from experience)
ADATA Ultimate SU690 960GB I assume you need storage?
Asus RTX 2060 As requested in OP
InWin301 A computer needs a home
SeaSonic M12II 520W
3x BeQuiet 120mm PWM Nice and quiet (use the BIOS to set fan speed). Have 4 of them myself, know 2 people who are also happy with them.

TOTAL: £1100

sorry if i wasnt clear enough, only really looking for a gpu+monitor+ram at the moment i think

will look at ryzen 5 etc if i do decide to upgrade the rest of my pc

Yeah… Ehm… Oh. :man_facepalming:

Depending on what PSU, if your software cares about CUDA and current prices, Vega56 might be an idea. Is a bit faster in some games, a bit slower in others. As said, depends on bunch of factors.
It only makes sense in combination with a screen upgrade (make a seperate thread for that, I am of no help with monitors). As of now, it is an upgrade, your CPU will hold it back though.
I suffered FX-8000 series myself. Condolences.

Get the DDR3 used. IMO it is not worth throwing money at museum pieces.


yeah will likely get the ram from ebay as and when. going to stick with nvidia as ive got a nvidia handheld (hello 2015) that i still enjoy using
will make another thread for monitor recommendations

i quite like my cpu :woman_shrugging: keeps my room nice and warm :laughing: and the 4.8ghz OC has it relatively competitive according to cpu-z at least so may hold off a full system upgrade for a couple years yet who knows

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Kavari made 2400mhz ram popular so used might be the best way

Have you tried overclocking the ram you have now? Or did you already have to add some voltage to the ram to keep the OC stable?

Also did you just overclock with the multiplier or did you up the BCLK, I think upping the BLCK increases the L3 cache speed and gives a nice performance boost.

34" monitor…NICE!

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never really heard of them but will have a look at kavari, ive got 2 4gb sticks of 1600mhz hardly the best stuff so just looking to replace it all with 4 8gb sticks

nah never looked at OCing the ram bc its fairly budget stuff

did it few years ago based off a jayz2cents vid, if i remember correctly i upped the blck until I couldn’t any more and then upped the multiplier the last little bit all while upping the voltage bit by bit not to a crazy amount though

yeah no clue yet, will make a thread later on probably in the misc hardware section might just end up spending a bit more for a 2070 and a 40inch 4k will have to see what others recommend

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