In need of decent vaporwave

And now for part 2 of this quest

As I alluded to in my previous thread I like this style of music and now need enough of it keep me going 6-7 days a week

What I am asking is rather specific recommendations of either dark/lo-fi synthwave, or vaporwave

The following are personal favorites that I want more of

Things I need are

  • availability on bandcamp, other digital download sites may work but I highly prefer BC because I like throwing more money than I should at music I like
  • a complete and utter lack of vocals, no singing

Things I want (but dont require) are

  • whole albums, following a thousand different links for single tracks is ehhhhhhhhhhhh

all songs will be loaded onto my phone and streamed via bluetooth to my new speaker using the google play music app. probably not important

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It might be good if you listed what groups you know of before 10 people all link to the Macintosh Plus album.

I’ll be the first in line.

Would this count, or is it too ambient?


Floral Shoppe has vocals, though.

Dan Terminus


ehhh its really fucked up vocals to the point I dont mind

@Kat will attest to these guys.

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this is good shit right here


This guy is probably going to be a mixed bag for you but you might enjoy a few songs from at least this album

You may want to look up the album Pharma by Nmesh to see if you like that. It’s on bandcamp but it’s not straight vaporwave so much as it is a clusterfuck of samples and other artsy crap.

yeah thats not what im after, I looking for “actual music” if you get me

this seems to be a fairly extensive catalogue, but I haven’t scrubbed through it. You know what you like better than I would.

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don’t you understand? its all in your head. music plays


Ever look into the “chillhop” genre or not your thing?

Just double checking, you’re looking for vaporwave and darksynth?

I don’t really follow vaporwave outside of the Nightwave Plaza app, but I do know some darksynth.

EDIT: Darkwave I guess, not darksynth.


yeah that is also similar, chillwave, chillhop

its close


are both “lo-fi” artists, ymmv on whether they fit or no.

I really like saint pepsi and Macros 82-99

that saint pepsi album is just about perfect

wtf its free?

too good to be true