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In need of decent vaporwave




NewRetroWave and Lazerdiscs Records are two labels that I usually check on for synth stuff.


I didnt know they were more than just a youtube channel


Many of the tracks on their YouTube channel don’t end up on their Bandcamp, but there is usually a new album every month or so.

They also have a “radio” that does have a lot of their YT stuff.



that comic is :100: / :100:


pssh scrubs

come back when your third eye is opened.


I linked that album in the third post of the thread.



ohh god im glad I found this page, needed it for my races in Forza7 :+1: also foung this and I like it


idk about vaporwave… I just put random chill music on pandora and I get gud shit.


If its in my house and needs batteries I kill it with fire. Phone exception.


pretty sure youre in the wrong thread


My bad


Commenting so save this thread


Plus 1 for this. All hail our dark overlord of neo-dark-synth. Especially the “New Model” & “Uncanny Valley” albums. Some of it contains lyrics though as you probably already know!

Also, excellent comic for synth-wave haha.

Edit: Forgot to post this

This guy is pretty good, although some of it has those stretched-out, vox style lyrics ala Macintosh 420. Might act as a good launching point for other vapour-wave though.


its my vaporwave playlist have fun


I’d like this thread to come back; can it come back?

I started listening to this guy:

Also, lofi guy:




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