In-game Photography

Post your best in-game photography here!


  • Must be gameplay (No cut-scenes or any instance of no camera control) to make sure it's your composition.
  • Avoid artifacts in your showcase work (It can be any format, and type of compression as long as there's no obvious artifacts).
  • I won't object to in-game HUDs, but it would be nice to have it off (It's up to your artistic desires).

Constructive criticism is welcome!

Youtube Tips in Photography
1) Fill the frame
2) Simplify and exaggerate
3) Don't center your subject
4) Create depth
5) Connect the dots
6) Perspective is EVERYTHING
7) Lighting is EVERYTHING
8) Bonus tip


No censorship? You mean nudes? Sweet.
(jk) (Unless you do mean that.)
I will see if I can post some when I get home.

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I'll start if off with some of my best composition I've done throughout my gaming.

Borderlands 2

Arkham Knight

Skyrim with Mods


Well, unless forum mods don't like it.

you'd be walking a fine line with nudity, ti has to be clearly artistic in nature, I don't think Skyrim big boobs mod would fall into that category :P

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Yes, I've ruled out against Nude Mods as that is going out of your way to be pornographic. However, I'll let the mod's ban hammer decide if this thread is worthy.

Metro Last Light


Fallout 4

Side quest spoiler

Witcher 3



Love the Fallout 4 stuff.

I've got some more, mid combat and power armor stuff unfortunately has HUD but nothing i can do about that


The HUD would look some much better if it was in a sort of an Iron Man perspective kinda like in the movies, like an augmented reality.

testing dead reflex mod.

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Elite Dangerous: First Planetary Landing.



I wish I'd taken some shots from Elite Dangerous while I was fighting a capital ship, but it's pretty hard in the middle of a conflict zone :P

This is the only game I've taken screenshots of, but I wish I'd done some of Doom. Some of the Mars exterior and Hell areas look really awesome.

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"I was inverted"

More more, I need some new wallpapers!

Logan? 😆

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Witcher 3


My favorite. I like your use of the river to connect the subject to the background. It would be even stellar if this engine supported proper reflections, but that's the devs fault not yours.

This one's a close 2nd. The moon balances out the composition, I like it.

Just cause 3

Screenshots of Liz from, well, I hope most of you know this game

OK, that's all of it.

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