Im tired of my console but ive never built a computer in my life

Hey guys i have been gaming on consoles for 3 years. I have now decided to switch over to PC gaming. I recently decided i could afford a computer within the range of about 650$( Thing is my only knowledge about building a computer comes from this video. syn how to

Its a great video but i still have a few questions.

1.What operating system should i use?(pros?cons?)

2.Is the price of the operating system included in that estimate or am i expected add that on?

3.Is it better to obtain an operating system through other mean?

I am 100% sure i will have more questions as i go through this process but if anyone would be willing to help me with even one of these questions it would be much appreciated.

Also if there is anything else you can think of that might help me out any type of advice would be greatly appreciated. Like i said if it isn't in one of those two videos more than likely i don't know it.

you can use Linux, but it is honestly a little confusing. the $90 is worth the headache for me personally   

If you're a student you can oftentimes get reduced price, or even free, versions of windows.  Just check out the Microsoft DreamSpark site and search for your school.

The build prices also generally don't include peripherals (mouse keyboard monitor headset etc).

this build is a bit over your price but you can start your PC adventure and when you get an extra $60 get the gpu  or go linix mint and use wine and subtract the os's cost

GTX 465? Why not something like a 650ti boost or an R7 260x?

What do you think the gaming capabilities of this computer would be if i bought all this and built this into a computer? I am willing to pay almost anything under a grand but the more south of that the better i just want to be able to run new games like eso and battlefield at medium graphics.Also i am  only 17 so i am not a college student but i will definitely keep that website in mind when i head to college.

I think that the computer in that list is a pretty good entry level PC, while I do think the GPU is lackluster, you could find a GTX 650 ti boost on Newegg for cheaper than the GTX 465, but its your call and other than the GPU it looks great

I think AMD is the way to go for your budget.  I was able to fit a GTX660 in the build as well, which should be able to handle most games on high at 1080p.

I also included a copy of Windows in the price, so the only thing you would need is a display and a mouse/keyboard.  I'm assuming you will use the computer in place of a console, which should connect directly to your TV with an HDMI port.

If you need help building the computer yourself, there are plenty of how to videos on youtube which will show you how to put all the parts together.  Tek Syndicate, LinusTechTips, and a few others will have good videos which should walk you through every step of the build.

I agree with m33b that AMD would be the better route for the budget.  IMO the i3 just isn't that great for gaming (but that may just be bias on my part).

m33b's build also includes a copy of win8.1 and a much nicer graphics card.  The GPU has a bit of swing room between nvidia and ATI.  I personally stick with Nvidia but I don't only game on my rig.  From what I've heard ATI gets better numbers from a purely gaming standpoint but of the GPU's listed so far on this page the 660 out-tests the R7-260x.

this would be the top for a intel build   

WOW ok thanks everyone this is alot of good information thing is im going to have to follow one of these builds with pretty much blind faith due to my limited knowledge so any additional knowledge about the gaming capabilities of these various computers or just general knowledge at all is still extremely help full.

I gotta say though i <3 you all wasn't expecting this kind of response


oh also how do i know if a cpu requires thermal paste i think some come with it already on(right???)

the i3?

Some heatsinks will have it applied when new.

If both CPU and CPU COOLER are bare metal (copper, aluminum) APPLY thermal compound.


You can google videos for demonstrations on how much and where to apply even by brand.

Alway get good thermal paste.  Most cpu's (nearly all) come with a stock heatsink with pre-applied thermal paste.  But imo an aftermarket CPU cooler and good thermal paste is worth the extra $ if it means not frying your CPU.

disregard that figured it out cpu type i feel dum now...

You will be able to tell by looking at the heatsink and seeing if there is anything on the heatsink (usually  a sky blue) if not check the box that the heatsink came in for a tube of paste. And if the heatsink comes with a tube of thermal paste put a blob about the size of a pea on the center of the CPU.

Oh and ALL CPUs require thermal paste NEVER use a CPU without paste.

so im still a little grey as to which cpu i get the most for my money from and a better gaming experience. Im not going to lie im having trouble figuring out which of these builds would be the best for me or if i should mix and match my own build from these builds. -m33b -iKu -tek syn