I'm sorry to say this, but i really think windell should be behind the monitors... (constructive critisism)

let me say it first, IT'S NOT HIS FAULT..

but because wendell is the intelegent guy, and he talks smart, and people blow the fuse when there's too much going on,
in the recent inbox episode, he talks with his face on the camera, and there's alot of movement going on, and it's distracting, i don't know is it just me (i'm adhd) but i couldn't get anything go through my head when wendell speak (speak + face)

old viewer may be able to cope with it, but new commers would just loose intrest.
because i know why i like wendell.... he was the intresting concept, and staying as the icon does alot..

and it doesn't help when he's pretty decent looking... (+the constantly updating monitors...)

Wendell, you're beautiful, and we get distracted when you talk.


Maybe the layout could be changed, I think it's just because it's a separate video stream instead of everyone being in the same room like wasd.

nah, i don't think so

i think it's just hard to concentrate when a hansome man is talking (am i being scarcatic? i don't know!)

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i like to see his face whenever i watch the videos, i dont LOOK at the videos that much anyways, i just play them on the background when i do something else :)


"Wendell is always hiding"
"We can see Wendell"

Whaa whaa

I don't care personally. I don't look at the screen much. I play a game on my primary monitor and play the tek on a secondary monitor off to my right.


no, i just purely think that the older wendell was supirior..

in that case, i really would have liked to see them making the show in a podcast format don't you think? (if that's what most ppl are using it as)

Jesus... don't look then if your adhd (or other overly used excuses) doesn't allow you. I like it now more than before and monitors always annoyed me :D

not looking and distacting is different

but the direction i'm trying to push is maybe like a 2 camera setup?
the smart guy who provides the info behind the screens
the guy who gives the come backs

I'm actually, I really enjoy seeing Wendell face more. And now he puts a lot more input into the show. Am I the only one that noticed that? I I've hearing him speak up more, especially since he seems like a really cool guy.

In the end it's entirely up to him, so my shitty opinion doesn't matter.


I enjoy both. The "monitor shroud" was an interesting idiom, along with the knitted-crocheted viking beard of justice.

He could do the Tek in his pajamas, for all that I care, and I would still watch.

... Not because he is wearing pajamas, because a lot of people are commenting on how man-pretty he is, but because he has interesting opinions, is knowledgeable, and I think he is worth listening to.

On a similar note, I would laugh hysterically if Logan wore the monitor shroud for an episode of the Tek.

Such a weird thread..


Wendell played the role of Wilson, the mysterious but wise neighbor on Home Improvement for long enough. What's wrong with moving out from behind the monitor wall? Im confused, is this a troll thread or is this reality????!




I think it's cool that Wendell is "unmasked". So to speak...

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Wendell should do whatever the fuck he want's , the nerve on this fucker go cure your adhd pisspot