I'm sorry to say this, but i really think windell should be behind the monitors... (constructive critisism)

Dear Sir:

It has come to our attention that your apparent lack of concurrent cognitive ability has caused you to post a seemingly trollish comment. This will be somewhat ignored, only due to the recent call for less hostility. Simple communication standards based on text related messages has, however, forced me to point out that in order to get your point across you have to be as clear and concise as possible. If you can tell me whats wrong here...that'd be great.....

Immediately i am put off, as this is quite condescending. Is this translated? I might add that there is a spellcheck feature...Really? that is actually jackask worthy. If you've ever wondered what clown shoes look like.....
check out your feet.


so after reading your comment for the 10th time it has to be translated...weird semi-homo (no-homo?) comment at the end there doesn't help much regardless. when listing distractions to my viewing experience of the Tek, how wendell looks really hasn't been considered much, but i do wonder wtf was displayed on the monitors? compiler?

wendell is where the wendell is, and it matters not as long as he speaks. Accept the wendell or don't.....


I've unflagged this as everyone is welcome to discuss about Wendell's new appearance or presentation, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

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i'd love to see this happen

OK there may be multiple types of ADHD i don't know, But I suficently low dopamine to have signifcant untreatable ADHD symptoms (allong with dopamine depression) and I don't find wendell distracting in any way!
OK I agree with Wendell that the horns and beard give a +2 to charisma but otherwise no issues

Could there be a lighting issue - for example in the last INBOX the screen he was watching was in shot - perhaps that was distracting you?

or creepy, please no D:

Basically, you're saying that "all these moving things cause me not to absorb information." No one should be forced to stay hidden because they're "too intelligent." You are the one who needs to focus and apply more effort if visuals cause you such distractions. Personally, I like it more that he is on camera and should never go back. Thanks for being awesome Wendell!

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Wendell is Tek/Love

Disagree. Wendell should however put on some lip bomb and say "Linux". Say it doucement. Say it very slowly.

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I feel exactly the opposite. I felt Wendell hiding behind his monitor was distracting. I absolutely enjoy this new setup and Wendell works really well in front of the camera unmasked and free of visual obstacles.

Get back in the kitchen Wendell! We don't wanna see your face!


we seriously push for that, i'd like to see an episode of the tek where Logan and Wendell sap places
and FYI, i don't mean go back behind his monitor for the rest of his life, but just an opinion that Wendel should be the interesting guy who also looks interesting

but it doesn't hurt if i'm distracted by his face once every few episode!

but it's hard to make a shirt out of that

me to! don't get me wrong, i also like it, but i'm just saying it shouldn't stay that for the whole time,

the channel would loose it's greatest appeal (in my opinion)

nah, this is half trolling, though the ADHD and the distraction is real, i thought it'd be just easier to make people discuss the new format much easier (i made it sound bad, but acctually, i quite like the new format, but not as much as the beard though...

that was awesome

He looks like a really warm and friendly guy to me. The mask has fallen and it would be silly to return to the old format now.

How about this look, OP?


You trying to tell me that wasn't Wendell?

He just retired after the cat died.

@ OP


I preferred Wendell behind the screens, mostly because I felt like he was some sort of evil genius trying to take over the world, from a computer, whilst co-hosting a youtube show.

i think hiding his face was a pretty humorous, original running gag. doesn't bother me that he stopped though