Im new to the Forum, Hi! :P

Just wanted to say hi after I left the LTT forums due to 'unfriendly' community, hoping Tek syndicate forums are nicer. Any ways enough about my self, who are you? what do you like to do? how long have you been on the forum ect, tell me about yourself! Hi!

Hey, welcome to the dark side...
Wait, are you the human equivalent of NSA? Gathering data, huh? :D


human equivalent of NSA :P

Oh no Im GCHQ XD

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Welcome, have fun, and don't mind the lurkers. They lurk.


Wait whaaa? We got into somewhere I'm not familiar with... Whaaaa?
However, welcome... I hate Linus just as much as the next guy, so I'm not going to say anything about LTT or LMG or the dwarf himself...

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Greetings and welcome to the community. If you ever find yourself bored, hop into The Lounge and chat or help with the shit posting. Its hard work and we could always use more help as we attempt to boldly go where no lengthy thread in Discourse has gone before :D


Cheers :P

XD GCHQ are the British equivilent to the NSA

You aren't Gaben or one of his disciples are you?


Erm what can I say... (begins chanting)





He is working towards the N...
So far he only have achievements for the "gabe"...

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the "N" is DLC too, so . . .

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hey new guy


Greetings and welcome!

drink mud

@anarekist be careful around this guy, he's crazy ;)

well... :P

Who isn't?

Not to sound like a stuck up prick (kind of like saying no offense before calling someone ugly but i digress) LTT forums is a trainwreck of a forum, I think you'll find this forum is much more welcoming and intelligent, hope you enjoy it here!