Im new to the Forum, Hi! :P

Hey ho. Come see the worst side of things in The Lounge. About as bad as it gets ha ha.

Other than that welcome.

Oh one thing, always check the date on the right on posts, been a lot of old necro posts creeping up. Just watch out for old posts.

who let you out of the basement!?

Cheers thanks!

Are you referring to the fact I laid dormant for awhile?

yes, we figured you were in the basement tho we never checked.

That is is true. Heck your username says it all.


Well you see, tons of beer down there. Good stuff too. Just got drunk and lost for a bit.

But... but there is no toilet down there. Never mind I don't want to know.

That's easy, lots of buckets!

what about finding your way out? how did that happen.

I got sober :(

oh XD

The test for this forum:

Do you hate Microsoft? Yes or no. Do you run Windows 10? Yes or no.

No need to clarify.

Jesus, I'm not for this forum at all...

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Woot woot, we can totally colonise the forum soon

There is just one condition of joining from ltt someone might have forgotten to mention

Kill all nvidia hardware
Replace with shill AMD
Moar AMD

Hate Microsoft no, run windows 10 no

What he said...

Ehh. Start irrationally hating Microsoft and you'll fit right in. Mild Sarcasm

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uh oh, I'm running an Nvidia gpu, what do I do, is there like a send in service to destroy them?