If installing Windows 10 today, you might want NOT to go online during

Came back to work this monday (small shop/workshop) after three weeks off and now apparently (saw it first hand on tuesday) on fresh installs like from a USB key, when a system gets access to the internet during the installation there is an update that changes the installation routine to mandate using or making a Microsoft Account during this clean install.

While looking around for the common “hidden opt out” all that was left was a cute little text that described how one could, graciously, move over to a Local Account only after the installation was done. After you had proceeded with an existing, or made a new Microsoft Account to be able to finish the installation…

So far the only way out is to disconnect the internet connection and back the setup routine a step or two, or better yet never allowing the machine to connect in the first place. Unfortunately, then everybody loses the chance of taking advantage of some security or compatibility update that could otherwise have been infused at an early stage.

I made some quick searches during the day but didn’t find the internet in an uproar yet, so I thought I’d share this observation. If there is some sanity left in the world they should be forced to roll back this travesty.

Oh, and this behavior was seen with 1809 and 1903 images, USB keys created over a month ago. The change is entirely coming from the online component as far as I can see.


Give it a nonexistent email and fail the account login .
Then you should be able to skip the account process. They are trying their best to hide the opt out.


New images have hopelessly insecure mandatory “security questions”. Doesn’t happen if I create a user post install or by subverting the “finalising” part of the install.

Just make up your own answers. Using real answers for security questions is insecure, as anyone who knows you can probably figure them out.

What was your first pet’s name? Vodka
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Oh I just go for asfsdflkjasdfsaodighnsdknglksndogis
*rolls face on keyboard *

I’ve never answered security questions properly. Though doesn’t mean I want them existing to regain access to my account. My password is enough. Any competent threat actor (or me) with physical access will be able regain access without these existing. Seems silly to over-complicate the matter with a third, potentially insecure method.


this is the kind of shit that made me jump ship to ((( linux )))


Correct. Any measure to regain access to an account without a Password inherently weakens it’s security. I never understood why such things aren’t at least opt-out.

On another note: I reinstalled my work Laptop with 1903 two weaks ago and didn’t have any Problem creating a local account like always before. Since when is this in place? I should maybe test this with a VM.

I posted something like that then re read the thread guidelines for the windows section :smiley:

But yes, i agree. Then again Microsoft doesn’t need Windows on the client side these days as they’ve got you by the balls for the most part with 365 and azure… and maintaining that can be done from a web client, iOS app, Linux box, mac, etc…

But for the money side, they’d rather you keep paying a 365 or Azure subscription…

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If memory serves, it’s been in place since Windows 10 build 17127.rs4_release.180318-0047 (at least for the en-US releases), I wrote a post about it on Peerlyst at the time (~April 2018). I also had a video, which I’ve since deleted (mainly because old windows build - not indicative of future windows builds), but AFAIK it’s still there as of downloading the iso from Microsoft yesterday for a VM.

I should also clarify that It only happens for the first account created during the OOBE part with Cortana, not when creating an account through any other method. They included this with the change to Windows 10 that no longer allows the disabling of the “WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service” except through a workaround.

big if true
5ish days

Just installed 1903 with usb installer a couple of weeks ago… I noticed the new install setup has changed ever so slightly across the last several versions.

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I read an article about this a couple days ago, on PCWorld I think. Apparently they made it a bit less aggressive for the 1903 installer, but they still push for the Microsoft account as the preference.

Wouldn’t surprise me if eventually they forced the Microsoft account. No more local accounts. At least for home users. Windows as a service, after all. Darkest timeline would be that leading to subscription models.

Thankfully I don’t have to deal with the OOBE at work, as we image everything.

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What image are you using?



I am disappointed in all of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe it’s because you’re using pro?

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Maybe. Although, that’s something baked into the EFI path because I’m never asked to specify.

I can try home on a VM

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Honestly, them defaulting to Seattle time is reason for me to never use Windows again :rage:



home network



Microsoft is evil!

Microsoft is forcing WL accounts!

AdminDev is a paid shill for M$$$$!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, before spreading propaganda, please make sure that others cannot validate and test the medium you have claimed to use :sunglasses:

As for now, I’m going to sip my tea and checkout this latest release of Windows :sunglasses:



You know the “Offline Account” thing is a lot more visible and more noticeable than I remember. Remember trying to create an offline account with Windows 8? Now that was a PITA.


Now that You did not cover all the bases and made an ass of yourself… You did not cover all possible install methods or the all the possible variations of install methods.

Windows 10 Home 1903 and Windows 10 Pro 1903. What else is left, education and enterprise? I find that very difficult to believe that those require a Microsoft account…