I will most likely get the ps4 version of fallout4

hoping this news isnt legit

First I shall wait to see reviews, if I can get digital foundry to give it a thumbs up then I will get it on pc, if its another fiasco like Batman (has there been any updates on that? still isnt on steam anymore...) then ps4 version I go

Saying this now... I will not purchase an nvidia graphics card just to get a game to work properly because of software middleware put in there by nvidia.

Just waiting for reviews is the sensible thing to do, no matter if it's a gameworks title or not. The fact that it's Fallout 4 doesn't change that IMO.


Tell you what, if that is the case just dont play it. Personally Im sick of Nvidia and their BS gameworks.


It's Bethesda game... It will be buggy up the lower back hole... But being Bethesda game it will be fixed...


I posted this on the lounge a few days ago

Historically speaking all gameworks titles have received backlash. Fallout 4 will be no exception.

Is fallout 4 Nvidia gameworx title?

Gameworks source code exist apparently and there is nothing stopping AMD porting it to their GPU's from what I can tell. I think the real problem is AMD doesn't have good enough programmers to make it happen in any reasonable time span.

BTW I got my copy from JB for $59.99 dingoroos (thats like $43 yankaroos)

This is Bethesda we're talking about and there games generally just 'werk' if it's buggy dont run off blaming nvidia (if they are even involved its only rumor at this point) its gonna be buggy we know this. It's fallout, its massive. It's buggy. Additionally you don't have to use gameworks features which while this sucks ass you're still gonna have better settings on a PC than console...

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Yes. And it should not come to surprise. Bethesda has always favored Nvidia.. Contrary to popular belief.

Within the first day someone will figure out howto mod the game to work better on any hardware that has a issue. Just happens.

It will often come as a INI tweak of something or rather.


Well, it's the Skyrim engine with some lighting effects... Should run fine on anything...

It's not the same engine, it can't be the game would break its too advanced.

On E3 they said it's just modified Creation Engine.

Think of it like Skyrim with ENB enabled but done correctly without the insane FPS hit. (we assume) I assume the game is running DX11, maybe DX12 down the line, so that means it also has tessellation.

For Bethesda's sake I hope it's not a flop... They are like, the only developer, that I trust to have really good games... Like, really good. My Fate in gaming will vanish if it's a flop...

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So in other words it's updated. I know for a fact that that some serious changes have gone in to place because the engine in Skyrim buckles under the pressure of very many mods. This engine has been in use since Oblivion.

Not really... I believe Skyrim runs on completely different engine than Oblivion.
The changes most likely will be graphics, since the engine procedurally generates quests, encounters, etc stuff, that makes the sandbox more organic...
I will wait for reviews though... In the last couple of years, Nvidia's games SUX Lower Back... Except Witcher 3... I ren that with 50+ and I have 270X and 760K...

f*ck it,

will take the risk and pc it, want this day one

Did the same with witcher 3 and that was hardly problematic (turned off hairworks and then game ran perfectly :D)

please dont be another arkham, I will cry if it is :(

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To be honest now, I don't think I want this game in general. Hearing news about the game, it seems like Bethesda is desperately watering down and "streamlining" the game for the casual audience, just like Skyrim (despite me loving that game).

NVIDIA getting their grubby hands on it just makes it worse (not that they'll be the whole reason if the game is buggy, this is Bethesda we're talking about).

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Please, Nvidia, Please, don't F up this game... Please... Pretty please...
If you do, i will start my Youtube channel on the basis of fucking hating your guts...
You can have all batman you like... take it... With the batmobile combo... Take them both... In all it's single digit FPS glory... Take it up the a**... Just don't screw up Fallout 4 with your bullshhhhh...