I need some Black Metal Recommendations

I just started really getting into metal last year and now I'm slowly moving onto Black Metal. So far (in terms of general metal) I've been listening to a lot of Amon Amarth, Static-X, Black Sabbath and a few others but I'm having difficulties getting into BM as there are so many different bands. Any recommendations or perhaps a starting point? I just ordered Téras by Naglfar, so in a few weeks I'll be able to get an opinion on that one

Oh, Naglfar are nice for a "beginner", as they are fairly melodic...
OK, try Cradle Of Filth, more specifically "cruelty and the beast" and "Midian", Dimmu Borgir, my favorite album being "Puritanical Euphoric Misantropia" but you may try Spiritual Black Dimensions " and "Death Cult Armagedon"...
My favorite black metal band is Emperor, but they are really deep black... Anthemns is a great album... Satyricon with "Nemesis Devina" and I can't remember the name, the album was around the early 200-... 4 or 5, can't recall the name...
Try Gorgoroth... But don't expect much, as they are also deep black...
Try those...

Ok whats funny is that cruelty and the beast was actually on my amazon wishlist (wanted to get it in the 3 cds for 15€ bundle). And I also listened to anthems and while I still have to get used to it I actually like it. Though black metal in general seems like something Ill have to get used to but I know once Ive get used to it Ill really like it. Also I found another band I may like. They were called Windir. So far I've only listened to a few tracks of their album 1184 but I think I like it

black metal, hmm i think snoop dog would be one.

Here are some nice melodic stuff...

Honestly, after 15 years of black metal, i have developed resistance to the lyrics... I listen to the music and the melody and the speed, and the drums... I love one man's vocals and this is Ihsahn (Emperor)... Sound so tortured and painful i love it... Other than that i can take it or leave it...

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paging Dr. @Alamar
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Sorry. Not a black metal guy myself. @Kat, @geisterfaust, @Ethereal, @Eli_is_the_name should be able to help more

@HimTortons if you are interested in varieties of doom or thrash let me know :D

sorry, i didn't know who else to page!

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Well I listen to a little bit of doom metal myself though its just a bit of sabbath. Ill definitely let you know when Im getting a bit more into both subgenres

Someone say BLACK METAL??

Old School Cradle of Filth

Old School Behemoth (before they were Death Metal)


I would suggest laser blasted aluminium. Pure black. Very metal. :3

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Me to actually...

Some of my favorite black metal.

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