I need some Black Metal Recommendations

I have a bunch of classic black metal to post. though I don't know if OP wants to listen to that.

If you dont like they high squeeling voice like CoF go with Jungle Rot. Love the slower tempo

Go ahead. Ill probably get to it later because Im working my way through the other stuff but Id listen to just about anything

Classic Black Metal for all who are worthy.


Probably my black metal of the year so far:


these are the classics you can dig in to, you'll bump in to other cool stuff on your journey thru teh black metulz.

one i feel i want to add tho, is coldworld, i love the rawness of for instance those first burzum and satyricon albums...but i can dig some more 'refined' recordings too.
This album from them is a gem.


This has a somewhat similar sound.

oh my I LOVE that intro. That my my favorite type of music.

lost me at the singing though.

just checked some bandcamp bookmarks for you, records i don't have personally but i sometimes stream when i'm in the mood for it, picked the ones i thought you might dig because they have black metal influences.

The Dreaming I


Make a change, kill yourself. Fri


i was watching alien 3 so might get back to this thread later, i'm lazy

fair enough :)

i get that with kyuss...: ''lost me at the singing'' ;)

Ok well here's a random grab bag sampler of some things. If you like anything let me know and we can discuss further (don't want to high-jack the black metal thread).

I'm more of a mid range growl or a low growl death metal lover =)

Doom is my main metal steezz, not so much the stoner/sabbath sounding doom but just things that grab you by the throat, make you feel depressed yet have something monumental going on, ...hard to describe, existential doom ? haha but .... It's just a genre label, really.
I can appreciate a lot of 'types' of metal, wether it's purist or eclectic....no specific 'thing' to get me hooked, i either dig a band or don't, dig one album and hate the other...

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Well it looks like I've got a lot of metal for the next few days. I haven't listened to too much yet but I can say this much: Nexus Polaris is fucking awesome! Also the old school behemoth stuff and Distant Peaks by Minstur are pretty nice as well

Well I came pretty late here hahaha, if you need more Black Metal hmu I can give you some dank shit. I made a post here about Icelandic Black Metal, that's a MUST.

Sounds awesome. I dont think I've really listened to icelandic metal before and something new is always welcome

Right now Icelandic Black Metal is the best Black Metal hands down, followed by french and polish BM.

You should keep an eye on these two youtube channels, they post quality stuff.

I would have sent you my lastfm account but I deleted it a few months ago, anyway, if you want some cool stuff just drop me a message and I see what I can do.

Happy listening! (or trve listening, that's more apropiate)

Mine are:

And Ash Borer is about to drop a new album this year so that's going to the top 10 probably.