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I need a new phone



That´s pretty normal these days on many brands (including Oneplus).
I think, most people either don´t have a music player on their phone they use, or they use spotify or anything similar to spotify. So why bother making one?

I´d prefer no music player over a half assed one I may not be able to uninstall. And there are plenty of GOOD options out there, that aren´t “just for Samsung” or whoever.


I plugged my brand new phone into my brand old PC and … well…

It recognizes it as a CDrom…
And when I open the CDrom:

My previous Xperia just opened as a flash drive… Nothing to install, nothing to mess with…


You have to enable it on your phone, you should get a notification once the phone is plugged into the PC.


I facepalmed so hard when I read that…
Yeah, I’m stupid, and you want me to write a review? :smiley:


I’m sure it’ll be more useful than the average youtuber review still.


Well, I may do such a thing, but I need a few days of use to see what’s going on with it…


Wow… i dont know if its the new android oreo vesrion or the nokia speciffic implementation, but damn its so fiddly to do anything in it… for the last 20 minutes ive been trying to find a wallpaper i downloaded and i cant and im getting more and more aggravated…
Fuck me… I miss my Xperia now…


My phone may be different since it’s an Android One phone, but any image I download goes into the download folder.

I just open up my pictures

Open up device folders

And go to Downloads

Although you’ve probably found it by now.


What Image program do you have? You can always install Google Photos App.

If you can´t find it for some reason maybe it does not show photos in your download directory. FX File Explorer is a good simple file explorer for android. So you can find stuff that the apps that should find it don´t for some reason.


Theres a preinstalled wallpapers app… the issue is the phone decided to unmount my SD card and … and then reset most of my settings …
IDK… I will get used to it probably, bur its definetly more fidly than the Xperia i had. Less garbage installed though, but honestly i think i rather have the garbage…

PS: be careful what you wish for i guess… the headphones, that came with the Nokia are massive garbage…