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I need a new phone



Not imported through my carrier.


It’s a solid option, it has 3GB ram as opposed to 2GB on the Nokia 3 and Moto E5.


What about a pixel? The first gen are getting pretty cheap these days. I’ve found no better experience than stock google roms (if you’re not going to go custom that is).


Yeah, they dont have a lot of carrier support. They didnt even sell it to you like every normal phone maker at the start. I had to go threw some invite system to get my first one. Now at least you can get them on amazon without much hassle.

But fair enough not everyone wants to go with a custom rom. With xiaomi it can be a mess too. I almost bricked a a xiaomi phone where I did this for a friend. But then got it fixed. On oneplus I never had a problem with it. Im not really doing any modding either. But its a good way to get rid of awful uis or get more life out of old phones.


OK, currently Nokia 3.1 is a leader. It’s borderline affordable for me and it’s better than a lot of other offerings.
I’m buying Monday afternoon so there is still time for other propositions. As long as they are from that carrier and not really much more expensive than 3.1…

No pixels in this carries listings. Honestly I don’t want to change carriers and I can’t afford full price for any phone.


Looking at their shop the moto e4 looks cheap and meets your original requirements though the nokia 3.1 does look like the best option for a nice upgrade having 2x the cores.


I can afford Nokia 3.1 so if it’s better I would stick to it.


Looking at everything else thats cheaper than that one is all quad cores. the 3.1 is the cheapest octacore you can get, not sure how much it really matters but it is good bang for buck.


Well, the camera is 13 compared to all other 8mp, the ram is still 2, but now I’m rocking 1GB and am quite OK with it…


The specs are similar to my nexus 6p and its more than enough phone for me. I’m in a similar use case to yours though I do have root on stock rom but i dont really do much on it besides music and basic browsing.



$300 pocofone + lineage os if you don’t like Xiao mi’s customization



Right… The Nokia 3.1 is in my hands. I can’t take a picture because the old phone is almost dead and the camera doesn’t work. Can’t really feel a difference since I just touched it, but we shall see…
It’s dark blue with some kind of copper accenting. Looks weird, but the other option was white and fuck white…


Hm… The thing is beyond clean. Only a few Google icons - YouTube, chrome, etc… But there is no music player…
Any decent music players for Android?


Try phonograph. Thats what im using.

github link


You hipster you :smile:
Rare brands and music player, that isn’t on Google play…


its on the playstore ^^

There but thats the paid version I think. There is a free one witch for all intends and purposes does the same thing. Who wants to edit id3 tags on their phone? You could also compile the full version… I would not do that its a $ or so and I like the project.

I like it cause its clean, works. And really thas about all I ever wanted from a music player on my phone. And you (could) fork it is just a bonus. I didnt even know it was open source when I started using it.


Other than lacking muaic player, i am pretty happy. It have no garbage what so ever on it and its crazy snappy. Apps that took their sweet ol time to load are now lightning fast.
So overal im happy.


Good choice :+1:

You should give a mini review of it.


Not sure I’ll be anything but incompetent as a reviewer… I haven’t used anything similar so I don’t really have a comparison base.