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I need a new phone



That’s all there is to it…
I kinda need a new phone. Nothing really special. I am having a quad core 5" Xperia but it started bugging out and I want… OK, I NEED to replace it.
All iPhone and Samsung 300$ garbage shall just ignore this thread.
I’m looking for something adequate. Not necessarily powerful.
Thanks in advance…



Are you averse to any of those Chinese brand phones like Xiaomi?


Well, my mom hav e hwawey or whatever…
I kinda don’t have a budget. I will buy it with monthly payments, so I won’t have to throw a bunch of cash.
Honestly all I need is decent battery life and quad core processor so it’s not a step back from where I am right now.
I don’t really care about the camera or something…
As long as xiaomi and Huawei are decent as products I don’t mind them.


I’ve been a fan of the oneplus phones. If I had to use stock software I would look for something with vanilla android like the google phones.


Moto G is a nice series of phones.
Nokia and Xiaomi have some nice offerings as well.
If you can find the essential phone on a sale it’s also a great option.

I personally picked up the Essential phone for $250 on amazon prime day.

Note that everything I listed either runs stock android or very near it.


Check out the Nokia 7.1.


I second that, have a Moto G Play myself and it’s perfectly adequate for my use. (And it was really cheap) No idea what other devices are out there though, I don’t need much for my mobile use.


Nokia has better software support, and more hardware for the money, so 7.1 is an easy pick over Moto G6.


That’s my mobile carrier actually, but that’s way too expensive for me. 30+lv a month is stingy…


It shows 21lv a month for me.


Yes, with 30lv mobile service. Cheaper plan - higher monthly payment for the phone…


Which monthly plan do you need?


The Nokia 5.1 plus is a bit cheaper, although the extra coins for the 7.1 is worth it if you can squeeze it into your budget


If it’s still out of your price range, the regular 5.1 should be affordable


I’m going to be unbearable, and I apologize for that, but even the 5.1 is pricy for me…
I’m looking at something like that:
I mean price wise. I don’t mind the brand really. So if Nokia have something better for that price I don’t mind going Nokia…


if you’re looking in that range then you can’t go wrong with the e5. just be aware that with phones that low end you are sacrificing a lot.


You drive a hard bargain Pete

There’s the Nokia 3.1

If that’s still too pricey the Nokia 3 is my final offer


Also agree with this, the E5 is a decent option too.

So take your pick.


Imo, budget you can get the pocophone and put linageos on it.

Otherwise, get a OnePlus 6 or 6t (or was it s?). It really does not matter, depends on wether you prefer headphone jack or under the phone fingerprint. And the notch situation.

The only reason to get a different phone imo is if youre a big camera man. Or an apple person. Or dont want to pay the price of the Oneplus in witch case something like the pocophone might work.

But for me I really do think the Oneplus phones with the stock rom are better than googles pixels or samsung phones. And its more straight forward to put a custom rom on it compared to xiaomi. Had my Oneplus ONE since launch until the 6 came out. Would still be using the one, if I didnt break my screen. Although, the 6 really is a step up in terms of battery life (a lot of that is thanks to the newest android). And it actually feels like a proper premium flagship in comparison to the one.

Or looking at Android One phones may also be an option if you dont want to mess around with putting a custom rom at it and prefer close to stock with faster updates.


3.1 looks quite good actually…
8 core cpu, 5,2" display, 13mp camera…

No dude… I’m used to Android like I’m used to Windows. I just want to use it, not mess with it.