I need a Gaming Keyboard

I need a gaming keyboard and ive narrowed it down to the Razer Lycosa, Tarantula and G15 what would you recommend NCIX has a sale tomorrow and if any of the boards are on there im going to buy it no matter what, what would you recommend?

9800 gt?

lol read it agian i have nooooo freaking Idea why that link was there


i love the Lycosa, i just got it and love it.. although it is kinda pricey

G15.. Dude i freaking love it so much. I have it it is beast the lcd is awesome and the macro keys are awesome. I would recommend it to the highest possible way.

^ he does have a point the lcd is pretty sweet you can get it to give alot of system info..if your into that kinda thing

the rubber on the lycosa rubs off after time and the tarantula sucks ass imo. i'd get the g15 personally because i know for a fact how nice the g11 is. i still want to try out the lycosa for myself, but i'm recommending the g15.

lol my friend had the lycosa for about a year and no rubbing off in best buy they had it on display and i tried to scratch of the rubber as hard as i could with my nail and there was no damage at all i was like im buying!

Though my diamondback's rubber is peeling off like an old mans skin but damn that thing took soo much abuse im surprised it works *knock on wood* most of my mice die withing months (hugs his razer products)

lol well play it as much as jason or his friend does/did and it WILL rub off eventually.

i was also talkign to chanman or whatever his name is on youtube he also had his for over a year and it has not rubbed off yet

my diamond back has a like a brown sweat spot near the clear stuff.. i guess rubbing depends on how you type, some slide over the keys i can see how that can cause rubbing

Lol my friend plays Counter strike professionally and practices usually about 12 hours a day.

His Lycosa has NO rubber on wasd at all lol

how long has he had his lycosa? o___o

a couple months at most

he got it in like.... September?

damn thats crazy because i was at best buy and i scratched the one and display as hard as i could and the rubber was left unharmmed barley a scratch thats what made me go and buy it

well I went to NCIX to get a new HDD mine broke while I was there thet had a G15 on display started playing with it and liked it, ive never tried the lycosa but I never tried the Deatadder either and I love it more the the G5 I love the deathadder and the lachesis feels ugh bad. That a razer product the had both the G15 and Lycosa in stock and from my great experience with Razer I asked for the Lycosa then went over to try the G15 went back and asked for the G15 so after all I got the G15 got to get used to the keys but i like it I really like the arm rest so yea might do a review later

I'm going to do a video review of the arctosa fairly quickly here.

lycosa for sure. i like the shallow keys and there rubbery. i like the touchpad too. the turantula is okay i guess but its big and feels kind of cheap. and i dont know what to say about the g15 cuz i havnt used one but they seem to get some good reviews

the G15 is a awesome keyboard, and if you set it up, you can have it show your overclocking info in the LCD [url=http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3312115&Sku=L23-7310]link[/url]