I have probably acquired a 3090

I got a 3090 for a pretty reasonable price on the second hand market i’ve been out of the game for a while so lets do a little check to make sure there is no business of a nature that could be considered humorous goin on with my “new” “3090”. So far I whacked it into a motherboard and installed drivers, it reports as a 3090. I then ran furmark at the 4k preset just cuz that happened to be on my computer it scores 6227 points (104fps 60000 ms). So what’s the simplest way to verify I for sure gots what I got?

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Try playing Crysis at 8K :thinking:

i’m not really much of a gamer


Well first go grab GPU-Z and cross reference specs. Look at the card physically and see that it says “RTX 3090” anywhere. Punch the model number on whatever stickers you find into Google. I’m not sure what else you could do to “verify” it.


The demo for 3D mark which has defualts time spy with demo is free, can run that and compare scores


16727 seems a bit of underperformance for a 3090 of course it is paired with a 8350 seems a bit sus. I should also mention the ambient temperature in this room is 85F it does function better than the 7970 it replaced though.

edit removing the side cover and replacing it with a wind machine house fan results in this kinda score.

An RTX 3090 paired with an FX 8350 sounds like an amazing 6K 30fps machine xD


well I mentioned my setup in chat the other day and wendle suggested I consider a xenon and getting one second hand seems like a pretty reasonable upgrade I may do this. I feel as though the 8 gb of ram should be in need of an improvement as well, though i’m not quite convinced this is a genuine 3090 yet though.

edit: I don’t see any xenons listed as AM3+ 9590 seems like the best i could do. hmm for the price 9590s are going for ide be insane to buy one, what is wrong with the world.

edit2: wow my 10 year old or so graphics cards are still going for $300 each and people are bidding I could sell them and almost pay for for the 3090, people are dumb. I think I payed less than that when they were still relevant long long ago.

edit3: I think the only worth upgrade to do here would be to max out my ram everything else is nuts whos buying this old junk for so many dollars.
edit4: If I were to build my 10 year old computer using 10 year old second hand components it would cost me more than I paid 10 years ago when most of my components were new.

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Turns out there are quite a few results for an RTX 3090 and an FX 8350 together. It seems the CPU really does hold the 3090 back that much.

ha, I’m number 3 in the rankings I bet if I pushed a little harder I could be number one.
and now everyone knows my stats

Even a FX9590 isn’t really going to help you very much.

Yeah I’m just gonna acquire 4 8gb sticks of 1866MHz ddr3 but I refuse to pay more than $40 shipped so I gotta be patient and look around. I do wish my motherboard supported ecc that would be easier. After that i’ll just eat my delicious 3090 sandwich on the wonder bread and maybe upgrade in 10 years or so if I’m not dead by then.

Idk what your goals are with the card.
But the FX cpu’s are simply too slow to really feed the card with enough data sorta thing.
What you basically would need to get the full potential out of the said gpu,
is a platform upgrade pretty much.

Sometimes in life you gotta call it good enough and keep it movin that’s how it goes.

If you just use the card to draw a picture on the screen,
than that is of course totally fine. :+1:

True enough but that picture can still be in 8k no problem. If I change my mind I can sell the 3090 for more than I payed easy.
I would be curious what the cheapest cpu would be that’s capable of not obstructing the 3090 though just as a thought experiment to see the expense. The first google seems to think it would be a Intel Core i5-12600K and that just gets ya close so all said and done I could manage something serviceable for roughly 400 to 600 dollars, ehh idk maybe.

It depends on what you’re using it for. These graphics benchmarks are designed to test the GPu and CPU independently for the most part. It says a lot about how weak the FX CPUs that they managed to bottleneck them at all.

Ignore the actual 5800X3D review and just look at the graphs. The worst CPUs available now – including the Pentium – are orders of magnitude better than the FX. If you’re on a budget I would personally get something like a Ryzen 5 3600 or i5 12400 and use adaptive sync to let that CPU/GPU combination go as hard as they can at 4K. It would be leagues better than the FX and will be better than trying to push the resolution so high that the 3090 performs as badly as the 8350.

That may or may not be true up until Nvidia releases the new gen in September. Those are rumored to be quite beasty.
I’d absolutely consider a platform upgrade at this point, to make use of the GPU. You’ve waited very long and the current gen stuff would carry you into forward for quite a few years, gamer or not. But that’s just what my reasoning would be for upgrading.

These benchmarks include a cpu section.

8350 vs 1700, ryzen 1700 > by 50% ipc improvement compared to bulldozer. zen 2 is another 30ish percent at best compared to zen 1. zen 3 is 25 percent of zen 2. Zen 3 and intel 12th gen series are at this point the best offerings. Though intel 13th gen is right around the corner, and amd zen4 is as well. Zen 4 is supposed to be a momumental improvement so is the 13th gen. Am4 (zen) is a dead end platform at this point, and knowing how intel is, rocket lake (12th gen) might be a single cpu chipset. I would say wait for am5(amd zen5) or rocket lake(intel 12th gen).