I found a golden 7950 and it's magical

Hey everyone!

    So I recently picked up a HIS IceQ X2 Boost edition from the the advice of Beserker on the site. Once I got the card I allowed to have a burn in period for about a week on stock. This weekend, after the one week of burn-in i decided to change the stock cooler to an Arctic Cooling Accelero 7970 Xtreme which cut my idle and load temps by 15-20 degrees Celsius. After I had put on my cooler I decided to hop into overclocking to see what my card could do. For the bench marks I used a combination of both Furmark and Heaven Benchmark 4.0, I would have also used MSI Kombuster, but at this time they have taken down the utility from the MSI website =(.

    Now you may be asking yourself, what makes this card so special. Well let me start off by saying that the base voltage for the card is at 1125 mV; with the core clock being at 950 and 1250 for the memory clock. Now for the benchmarks I'm going to post below all had my card stock at the base voltage of 1125 mV but with a core clock of 1200 MHz and a memory clock of 1575 MHz., which from what I have been told on the TS mumble is insane. I wish i could have moved it passed that, but it was the max that MSI Afterburner would allow me, I may try iTurbo from HIS to see if that would give me more of an overclock. My temperature on load is about 55 degrees celsius and about 35 on idle; my VRMs never passed 25 degrees celsius.

    The first benchmark I used came from Heaven Benchmark 4.0. I ran the benchmark 3 times every time I boosted my clocks up to make sure it was stable. I found this test to be more of a real world test unlike MSI Kombustor or Furmark.


     The second test i ran was Furmark, i used this as a replacement for MSI Kombustor, as I stated before,, was no longer available on the MSI website unfortunately. I ran each test for about 15 minutes to make sure I had a stable system. Later this evening, i will probably run it longer than that, just to guarantee that there are no hiccups. I used this to really stress test my GPU, to make sure it was 100% stable.


      As you can see from the photos, I really think i have come across a golden GPU(in my opinion atleast). I will be trying in the future to raise my clocks higher using HIS's overclocking utility which from what I have seen goes up all the way to 1400 core clock and 1800 memory clock for the max, but does not have a voltage controller....... Let me know what you guys think about this overclock and what you guys have your cards overclocked too? Also if you have any suggestions for benchmarks you would like to see me do, I do have a decent amount of games in my steam library I could use to do tests on!

    Once again my clocks were:

Base: 1125 mV: 950 MHz core clock: 1250 MHz memory clock

Overclocked: 1125 mV: 1200 MHz core clock: 1575 MHZ memory clock

    In any case I will leave links to the card and cooler I used for this benchmark incase anyone was interested.

HIS IceQ X2 Boost Edition

Arctic Cooling Accelero 7970 Xtreme

    I would also like to thank Rytak and Mich on the site for helping me on how to overclock my GPU and keeping me company over the mumble while I ran countless tests over and over again. And Beserker for recommending me the the HIS 7950 IceQ X2, best decision I made all summer!


That's pretty average for a 7950, just saying. If you managed to 1300 MHz and 1875 MHz I would be more inclined to be impressed.

I hit those clocks with my MSI 7950 as well. I might pick up one of those coolers though, does it need a 7970 pcb? Good work!

The 7950 and 7970 GPU's have a recessed die on the BGA that's why it says 7970 specific although both of them are designed the same way.

MSI afterburner beta will allow you to go past any manufacturer software limits.

I got it to 1300/1600 for you Batojiri, but I think that's the max I will be getting it at on stock voltage.

I'll download it tomorrow and give it a go. I may also just use iTurbo and Afterburner together.

I don't know what program i could use to go 1800+ but I want to try going pass what I have. I didn't think a clock like that was normal on the stock voltage though.

So up the voltage and see where you can go. That massive cooler has to be good for something, right?

What should be my max voltage?

Not a clue. Up it a little at a time and see where you can take the timings. Just make sure that it is stable and isn't running too hot before taking another step up.

as long as its not too hot add more voltage until heat becomes a problem for the vrm or gpu core

No all the cards from the 6*** to the 8*** series are comptiable with the cooler or a tleast that is what they state on their site and on Newegg.

The 7970 version is completely different than the normal version. They have 2 different versions the normal one, works on 5000, 6000 and 7000 series up to 7870. the 7950 and 7970 have a differently designed BGA package where in the GPU die is sitting below a metal border on the BGA PCB package. This requires a cooler design that sits down inside of this metal border to make contact with the GPU die.

This looks realy great.  a good overclocked 7950 compete right up with an 7970 GHZ edition, notice a ghz edition is diffrent then a normal 7970* it also can beat a GTX770 oc. 7950 is just amazing. for the money. as long as you buy a voltage unlocked one, HiS or Msi TF

grtz Angel ☺

dude... 1300 / 1600 are awesome stable clocks

you should be happy with what you have without fiddling with the voltages :)

Just curious, what did you pay for the GPU and the upgraded cooling setup?

Well the GPU I got for 240 euros and the cooler I got for 20 euros(new) by chance off eBay. I wanted to try it out, because the retail price is around 60 euros, best compulsive purchase I have ever made.

I would just like to say that before I had this cooler on my 7950, it was sitting on my 6870 and cooling it fantastically). Also on their site, it states that it work for all 5***-8*** GPUs.

Not really that impressive for a 7950 tbh. I have a 760 and I'm pushing 1340MHz on the core at max boost.