I found a golden 7950 and it's magical

Well, damn, It's magical enough for me.

Grats with the purchase!

A 760 doesn't have the same performance characteristics of a 7950, not even close. Megahurtz isnt everything genius. A GTX 760 is more comparable to a 7870 in terms of performance and a 770 equates more of a performance similarity to a 7950.

If these are stable, then you really got a great setup for the money. I had an XFX 6870 Black Edition that I thought was an amazing card, running a massive overclock and bitcoin mining all day and night when not gaming, but it did not last a year. If you want this card to last, think about how much voltage you add and consider what you run with those clocks. Also, if you invalidated your warranty by adding this cooler, be conservative with long gaming sessions, and you might want to have a gaming profile and then revert to stock for everything else, just to add to the life of the card. 

I want one.