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I can't download torrents through VPN

I have a peculiar problem here. I am trying to use Air VPN to download my torrents but I can't. Every time i try there is a high spike in download speed and then it slowly diminishes to 0.1KB/s and at the same time the whole connection tanks.
One ordinary webpage (e.g wikipedia) takes multiple refreshes to load. Sometimes It's won't load at all. Skype looses connection, etc...

The VPN provider does not discriminate against any type of traffic.
The moment I close the P2P client everything is back to normal. But it gets even more weird. I can actually upload/seed through the VPN just fine but can't download. So then I thought it must be my ISP that is blocking P2P traffic. Funny thing is when i disconnect from VPN server the torrents start to download at full speed right away. Which tells me that they are not blocking it. I was on the phone with tech support and they said they never do any traffic shaping or management whatsoever. (Riddle me this...)

Even the people from Air VPN tried to help me resolve my problem but didn't get anywhere in the end. He/she told me that something is blocking my high volume UDP traffic. I tried replicating the situation on another computer and the same thing happened. Although that laptop has nearly the same configuration as my main tower. So I will have to find some other pc.

We actually have 2 different lines coming into the house. They are completely separate. One is Zen Internet and the other one is Virgin media. I connected to Virgin one expecting a different result but no. It's the same situation. Which leads me to think that my main pc is the suspect.

I remember when I was at old house I used to use PIA with BT internet and it worked perfectly. Then I moved to this new place and suddenly I couldn't download through PIA at all. Switched VPN provider and same thing all over again.

For the life of me I can't even figure out what is the root of the problem. If somebody could help me to solve this mystery I would be very grateful.

How do you connect to this VPN?
If you use some weird application made by AirVPN, try to use standards.

Who's your ISP?

The ISP might discriminate against VPN


An ISP could be able to block VPN completely, but not certain services / ports inside the VPN.
The only reason, I think, could be the configuration of his PC.
Btw.: I'm using PIA's OpenVPN on an Asus RT-AC56U with Tomato, this thing is running 24/7, no problems at all.

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I have used OpenVPN before on Fedora but it is extremely inflexible. I had to type in the password every time I wanted to connect, and if I wanted to jump servers I had to mess with config files. It was very impractical.

The Eddie client that Air VPN provides connects automatically and I can jump servers easily with few clicks.

Zen Internet.

Then how is it possible I can browse web, stream, and upload through VPN tunnel?

I need a VPN provider that is located outside of USA/Russia and have native support for Linux. Do any of them cover those requirements?

I was considering Nord VPN at one point but there is no native Linux support.
Heard bad things about HydemyAss

Servers not in the US/Russia, or the company not based there?


owh think i read it wrong,
Most of these are OK VPN's.
Most of these use openvpn to set up under Linux.

Fedora with which Desktop Environment?
I used OpenVPN on Cinnamon and Gnome (Manjaro and Arch) before, did it using the NetworkManager that comes with it.
No need to enter the password every time, no need to do changes to the config file.

My recommendation for VPN: Private Internet Access.
Stable, fast, only two connection losses in the whole (24/7) last year!

This is for lack of a better term a routing problem. not with your router but windows having a hard time desiding where to send the torrent packets

Step 1
Disable ipv6

Step 2
use a torrent client that allows you to bind to an interface like Vuze. connect to your vpn then bind to the IP of that (VPN) interface. in vuze its under settings advanced view networking binding something like that.

here is a way to long boaring video on how to do it

I'll need to test this in a few days as I have the same VPN, but haven't used it much for torrents. I'll let you know if I have issues.

Yeah don't forget that. VPN don't have yet VPN for this protocol. They working on it but its not rolled out with most. You can check if you did with or if they redirect you to your own country and not the country of the VPN server then your IPv6 is still ON.

That's what i had before.
Fedora Gnome + PIA...........Every time I turned on the PC I had to type password for some pass manager and then the VPN connected.

Thank you.

are you having a DNS leak? just because you have a VPN does not mean the dns connections go through the VPN. they might be blocking connections that way

I think my IPv6 is already disabled.
I opened regedit. When to Hkey_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters

And there is a register called DisabledComponents and its value to set to 0.

Step 2
I usually just open a random port on the VPN client and then paste it into the listening port of BitTorrent/uTorrent or whatever. And it worked before but not now.