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I am starting a YouTube channel check it out

I am new and a little scared to put anything I do online but, I thought why the heck not. There is only a couple of Rust play highlights at this time but I am open to suggestions.

In this case, the most important thing isn’t to be afraid, people like almost any material, the main thing is that it’s well mounted. I wish you good luck in your endeavor!


I am now at 13 subs with 13 videos thanks to anyone who may have viewed or subbed.

Update some how I have made it to 28 Subs. Never thought I would break 10 with a whole year behind the channel. I am only a month in. I liked to believe that you all had something to do with it. I will let it stay that way thank you all who might have helped.

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it’s not bad, mate. but you need to improve the quality

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I’m one of the subscribers) just keep going!

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Thanks. My rust videos didn’t turn out well I don’t know why. I do appreciate the input.

Thanks it means a lot to me :grin:

This weeks update. Things are going good I am moving along with the editing learning cure as I have no prior EXP. I hope it is improving? I lost a couple of Subs then gained them back plus one which is cool. I never thought I would get one this far in. I thank you all again even if you are not subbed. I see my post gets clicks which means someone is at least looking and again I appreciate you all. :blush: :grin: