I am starting a YouTube channel check it out

I am new and a little scared to put anything I do online but, I thought why the heck not. There is only a couple of Rust play highlights at this time but I am open to suggestions.

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In this case, the most important thing isn’t to be afraid, people like almost any material, the main thing is that it’s well mounted. I wish you good luck in your endeavor!


I am now at 13 subs with 13 videos thanks to anyone who may have viewed or subbed.

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Update some how I have made it to 28 Subs. Never thought I would break 10 with a whole year behind the channel. I am only a month in. I liked to believe that you all had something to do with it. I will let it stay that way thank you all who might have helped.

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it’s not bad, mate. but you need to improve the quality


Thanks. My rust videos didn’t turn out well I don’t know why. I do appreciate the input.

Thanks it means a lot to me :grin:

This weeks update. Things are going good I am moving along with the editing learning cure as I have no prior EXP. I hope it is improving? I lost a couple of Subs then gained them back plus one which is cool. I never thought I would get one this far in. I thank you all again even if you are not subbed. I see my post gets clicks which means someone is at least looking and again I appreciate you all. :blush: :grin:

The last video was a month ago. Will you continue uploading?

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me just wondering, is this a “private thread” or can we make it a shared place to share what we do on YT?

I video edit sometimes, im an artist and dabble in any shape or form of art from time to time, always make something - so making video was just another tick off that list.

dont want to interfere if this is only your thread, just curious

If i should give you a suggestion, work on your graphics.
Polish them a little (your thumbnails and the in-video graphics for like and sub and all that) it looks pretty rough.

I know we all start somewhere, but the cleaner the look, the faster the growth on a medium like yt


I am fine with anyone else wanting to use this thread.


I wanted to start documenting some of the stuff I do while also learning to use tools like shotcut, editing, filming, putting my GPU and NAS to work etc. So I started two channels:

A little bummed cause I’ve done so much other stuff over the years that would have been good topics, but oh well. Want to become consistent going forward as these videos help me probably more than the people looking for any tips- they make me get the job done and feel productive doing it.

Any tips from this community would be great too.

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oh cool! I’m really glad someone posted this topic, I was hesitant to do so myself. Anyway here is my channel, it’s a gaming channel, cause I don’t have the finances to do anything else right now, but I do plan on expanding the content into real life stuff, I did an exploring an abandoned house video that did well. Just recently I found a total conversion mod for the 2004 version of Sid Meier’s Pirates! on an old forum, which I’m super stoked about, it’s my favorite game of all time.


Just checking in. How is everyone’s channels holding up. Have any of you gotten any good growth?

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I just found this thread and I saw back there in the posts somewhere that you didn’t mind other people posting their links. So I launched my new channel a couple weeks ago. It’s gonna be some Let’s Play type playthrough’s, some reaction stuff when I get around to it, vintage tech etc. If anyone remembers the posts about the nvidia and radeon cards I acquired, the video is up on those as well. If you feel so inclined please take a look and do the YT things(like,sub, bell and comment to appease the YT algorithm gods.


TokenTech is doing alright I guess, up to 90 subs, probably bots haha.

I’d like to make something once a week but I don’t think I can keep that tempo.

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I checked out your channel’s. The keyboard stuff had my interest as that’s another of my deep rabbit hole money sucking hobbies, you did well with them.

Making something once a week isn’t really out of the question, it really all depends on how much editing you want to put into it, and if you want to script your commentary.

Before I launched, I decided to shoot/edit a few weeks worth of videos to schedule for release so I had a backlog and didn’t have to worry about “what am I gonna do this week” kind of thing.


Im fighting the good fight of avoiding looking at group buys and announcements, fending off buying more keeb stuff… For now haha

Yeah it would be cool to build up a backlog of stuff. I also find if I keep a good tempo I’m getting more familiar with the editing tool.

Screen recording based videos are the easiest to do, those keebs vids were hard with lots of camera placement, editing and just overall work. I’m growing a deep respect for a lot of channels out there I would have otherwise took for granted.

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True, but you don’t have to start at the top of the tier list doing vids to begin. Use a single overhead camera, don’t get fancy with multi-angle shots, do some basic text and editing, some music and you have a video.

I wanted to do everything perfectly the first time, it’s not possible unless you have deep pockets to start with. Nothing I do or ever will do will be perfect hence the channel name, Skuffed Knerd. There will always be something off about everything I put out. I just learned to roll with it and embrace the suck.


I’m up to a nice round 40 subs. Wish I had that many footlongs. That would probably be better in the long run. So far my watch time is like 50 seconds per video, very discouraging.

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