I am new to linux.. help?

Where do i start.
Edit: Sorry for long gap; i just want a tool box of a OS something that is different than windows. Something modular and easy to modify or at least with a nice learning curve.

What do you want to do? What are your goals?

What hardware do you currently have?

Why Linux?

also, welcome :wave:

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-Just want something different than windows. not doing mac

-r5 2600 16gb 2966 gtx 970 ssc
and thank you!

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What are your goals? Gaming, simple net browsing, development work? Some more specifics could really help in determining what might be easier for you to take a dip into the Linux world.

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Start with ubuntu. Safe starts are always best IMO. Don’t worry about code or anything, or about the linux tech stuff that we do here, at least for now. Go and geth used to the oddities linux has. The differences and nuances compared to what you’re used to. Then, start to get to the technical stuff if you want.

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Also Unity is dead!
So Ubuntu is actually usable now haha
kinda sad though how it died

Coincidentally good timing.


Don’t start with RedHat. It’s intended for enterprise use and assumes a knowledgeable administrator. And RedHat itself is only available with the purchase of a support subscription.

Ubuntu has a very large user base that’s accustomed to and accepting of new folks. Go to Ubuntu.com, click the “Download”, then the “Desktop” and scroll down for useful info about getting set up to install and doing an install.

You can get a developer license for free which licenses you for 1 physical machine or two vms. Just fyi.

Ubuntu 18.04

I started using Unity after they killed it and man I actually like it :frowning:
I like it more than Gnome3 actually.
at least it’s still in the repo :man_shrugging:

Mate has “Mutiny”. It’s like unity.

But true Unity will still be around I believe as a group/company hope to keep it alive

unity merges the title bar of windows with the top panel, which is a big spacesaver. mutiny doesnt do this AFAIK
(Edit: it actually does holy shit)
Do you know if this is exclusive to 18.04 or could I get it on Debian Buster?

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Right, and the cheapest self-support subscription doesn’t cost all that much. RH, tho, isn’t built with new users in mind.

Hey! I would like to switch linux from windows, mainly i’m focused on gaming but windows feels so locked to me because i wanna customize my desktop to my liking. Since the steam play beta has been going, i have begun to trust more of future of linux. My specs are AMD R5 1600 and GTX 1070 + 8GB of ram. I do know some basic commands of linux and i’m willing to learn it. Could anyone help me, i have two drives so i can dualboot first and see if linux is right to me.

Ah rough, not sure why you would like it tho :stuck_out_tongue:

To each there own I guess, Unity was the reason I moved to i3 early on

Use it on my X200. No trackpad so all of the keybinds are nice, even though you can do that on other DEs just fine. Everything it just set up to save space, set the dock to autohide and the window titles merging into the top bar makes it the perfect DE for a tiny screen. Additionally it has things that Gnome doesnt have, such as configurable hotcorners.

While I say all of this, I still wouldn’t use it on my desktop as everything it offers seems better suited to my laptop.

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Since I’ve really only ever used it on desktop I can’t really tell.
But I agree, it appears to be better suited for that sort of thing

Nice system :slight_smile:
I would suggest buy a new SSD and duel boot and check out the various Linux versions. Although your system will make a VM work well enough to check stuff.

Try Ubuntu, Fedora (not Redhat) then check out the other distro’s if you like. There is no perfect choice but Ubuntu is the most popular.

For VM’s under windows, check out Virtualbox. Its easy to use. Lots of guides and youtube videos online for how to’s

Ubuntu is nice when your first learning Linux. It has a good range of software and has good support. Pop OS is also very nice and is based on Ubuntu.

If you want to learn Red Hat, CentOS is your distro for a stable base, or Fedora if you want the least’s feature that may end up in Red Hat :slight_smile: