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Huawei selling laptops with Linux preinstalled

Well well well, looks like its the year of the deepin desktop.

@THEkitchenSINK, I know you’ll be excited about this one.

Glad to see there’s another manufacturer doing this. Too bad it’s Huawei.


more china fear mongering.

on the wait list for when the linux ones start shipping to importers :smiley:
too bad the ones out now with w10 are 1200$+


We were just discussing this in the Lounge.

Linux is good, another option is good, the price is not so good.

Now that’s a funny joke. Year of a Linux desktop.

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semi old gpus too the i7 ones come with a mx250 and the i5 get intel graphics
looking at the buy pages its not cheap but seems to have alot of support and aimed at the ‘status’ buyer for the non windows market

i wonder how the keyboard is


I get that it’s targeting the “premium” (read Apple/ultrabook) crowd, so I guess it makes sense. That screen is pretty nice too.

yeet 3000x2000 interesting 3k might feel like my mums surface book

Frankly, I don’t think it’s going to have a malicious payload or anything, I just don’t want to support china right now.


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@THEkitchenSINK they come with your favourite macOS clone Linux distro.

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Yep, on the Maobook Pro.

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i might get one

OH LAWD the web cam


Will make for a good view of the chin during video calls.

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with the price ill wait not worth 1499 my rbs2017 is still going

only wow point and i hate touch on pc’s

Why aren’t they going with their own in house built OS that they said would work cross platform?

Also. This adds to some great Linux and FOSS news this week.

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Uh, who says they aren’t?

Probably not ready yet.

And TBH, Linux is the only OS that currently offers something resembling “convergence” or cross-platform functionality.

OSX seems to not care. Microsoft failed to attract a market share. Android seems to be working on it, but it’s reserved for chromebooks, so no thanks.

Good news all round.

Though @THEkitchenSINK are these covered under the orange ones import ban? Unless you live somewhere that actually has freedom to buy what they want and not what you are told you can buy. Not sure where you are.

Side note, there was a post with all sort of paranoia and joking fear mongering about the likes of Kylin Ubuntu because it was Chinese backed and therefore had to be spying on you, despite being open source and Canonical backed.

Yet at the same time everyone seem to sing the praises of Deepin Linux despite it also being Chinese and subject to the same potential governmental abuse and literally sounding like they have embedded themselves in the OS. Now it is on Huawei hardware which has been banned because it was accused of being able to be strong armed into spying for the Chinese government (lets just conveniently forget that the US has the same agreement with the likes of Cisco) and people are only more happy about this?

Pick a damn side!

there are ways to get things like this costly but can do plus not a good laptop for the price but if the stars align i will have one in my hands

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But why tho? Or is it just media said the bad people were gonna get me.

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Basically all entries returned by doing a search for “malware preinstalled chinese phones”. Replace CHINA with “huawei”, same results.

I’ll pass.