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How Was Hillary Clinton's Email Server Hacked?


So, yeah, I know this is a huge click bait kind of question. If it falls under the category of politics, feel free to remove. But it just came to mind, and a basic Google search didn’t really say much. Does anyone know how or what the/specific vulnerabilities were that made Hillary Clinton’s email server vulnerable? Like does anyone know how it was hacked exactly?


Managed by a third party



nobody really knows the answer to that as it is all hush hush but ive heard things about it having a unprotected RDP connection that someone found


Any specific 3rd party? Was it a single 3rd party or was it multiple?


The vulnerability was that the server was managed by an IT firm, not hrod or her staff


Nobody knows the actual reason of how it was hacked. I have also researched about it, but did not found any answer.


I watch unfiltered and in the last few shows there was mention of some details of the hack. Remember the FBI never got the servers to look for themselves.

From memory the hack was a file copy at about 20MB/sec and was in america making it look like an internal leak not a hack. I can’t find the time in the unfilter show but if you want to dig it was in the last few shows I believe.


I bet you Mercury was just in retrograde again…


A lot of the holes and exploits that crackers use to penetrate a system are from poor security practices and any ‘short cuts’ created by the ruling IT support to make their jobs easier.

At work we have lots of xp machines with a 6 char dictionary password. Can I change this? No; it’s managed by a third party that we are forbidden access from.

If someone malicious ever got onto our network these things would be honeypots galore. Thank god we at least have then on separate VLAN’s to mitigate any assault, but they are for plant monitoring and automation stuff so it would fuck us quite a bit since we can’t re-image them.


It was Seth Rich, a Bernie supporter who leaked it to Wikileaks and it was a straight up leak. There was no hacking.

Seth Rich was murdered for this


The truth is that it wasn’t hacked because there was no real hacking that needed to be done.

This is what takes a simple mater of controversial email server and takes it to a mater of national security.

The server was unencrypted, unprotected, and more likely than not, someone probably forgot to log off the machines which left it wide open.

Proving the server was hacked would probably been enough evidence to throw a conviction her way. Or would have at least made her situation a billion times worse.

So the fact that she didn’t hand the server or her emails over shows that she was hacked and she knows it. Same for all the other “gates” she has caused over the years. She is the queen of burning evidence.

The FBI doesn’t know anything because they can’t even figure out how to hunt down child porn let alone do any forensics on what essentially equates to a bestbuy special sale apple imac. The FBI is 100% politics. Even if there is an IT wizard who could figure out who hacked her, his/her hands are probably tied.

The real question isn’t “was her email hacked?” the real question is how many times was it accessed.

It would be even more mysterious if she weren’t hacked. There are thousands of internet trolls out there that do nothing other than hunt and search for open computers to fuck with.


Dude, that is a theory not a fact. There is no direct evidence of any ties between Rich and Wiki leaks.

What you have is an odd wink from Assange on a news program. Assange implied that Rich was the source while claiming he protects his sources. Weird.

Then you have a false story planted by Fox news; a story that has since been retracted due to the falsification of evidence that was provided by Fox.

Rod Wheeler was used as the Fox source to promote the idea that there was direct evidence tying Rich to Wikileaks. Wheeler has since sued Fox for misrepresenting him in a falsified narrative. Wheeler is accusing Fox News of collaborating with Trump to push out a fake story, in court.

So there might be something to the Rich murder… but you don’t know for sure. It is a theory, a suspicion. A botched robbery can logically result in the thief leaving the goods. Murder is a much more serious crime than robbery. The robber might have made a stupid decision and shot the kid, and decided not to stick around to rifle through Rich’s pockets for money that may or may not have been there.


What I find interesting about the NPR story is that a FNC reporter, Zimerman, seems to be the reporter who’s story got pulled, however there are 2 pictures of Hannity.
Also the paragraph about the Wheeler accusation:
“Wheeler alleges Fox News and the Trump supporter intended to deflect public attention from growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government. His suit charges that a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her story.”
!!!“growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government” !!!
I think NPR has eaten too many 60 thousand dollar hotdogs.

Julian Assange seems to know an awful lot about who gets “robbed” in DC :slight_smile:

On a side note I would have gone with this link if I was on your side of the aisle:

because it has better visual impact, plus attacking Sy Hersch, which the author does, makes for an interesting comments section.


I believe that Zimmerman was one of the contributing entities tied to trying to get Wheeler on board with the story. I am not sure who made the final decision to spread misinformation though. I don’t understand the relevance to the topic here.

The reason behind Wheeler lawsuit against Fox is that the Fox employees/executives used Wheeler as the primary source of the story. The outright falsified evidence and tied it to Wheeler. Wheeler’s recollection of events, including a direct connection between this Fox news story and the White house Admin, is subsequent to the initial claim of wrongdoing.

I was referring to that exact video in my post:

Is it possible that Rich was the source for the leak… AND was a victim of a random crime?

This is not right. My post did not indicate any political leaning whatsoever. Please do not conflate any idea you may have regarding my political leaning with the topic at hand, or my response to you assertion.

This thread is about the leaked emails and how the breach of data occurred.


It’s kind of sad that you keep falling for crackpot conspiracy theories that are obviously designed to deceive people who don’t know anything about technology. You’re on a very techie website, after all.


That was for the DNC emails, not Hillary’s.


It’s not even true for that either. The story that those files were internally leaked instead of hacked remotely is written like a bad joke for people who don’t know the first thing about computers.
And that’s without discussing the obvious idiocies like the idea that some random employee at the DNC could just have access to all the files on their servers or the even dumber idea that he would get killed for it. It’s frustrating to see people fall for something so stupid, to be honest.
People who buy into these things don’t use critical thinking. They just accept whatever theory fits their view of the world. Which, for conspiracy theorists, is not a very realistic view of the world.

As for Seth Rich, it turns out that Fox News literally created that piece of fake news in an attempt to distract from the Russia investigation. They made up statements from Rod Wheeler who was hired (and payed by an unknown third party) to investigate Seth Rich’s murder. Furthermore, Trump might have had a hand in this personally, and Rod Wheeler has evidence for it. Which would make sense considering the fake stories that Trump used to plant for decades in the National Enquirer. Why do you think that Trump goes on an on about fake news all the time? The man is constantly lying and projecting. Just the other day he lied to everyone’s face by claiming that cameras from “fake news” are being turned off. He doesn’t give a fuck about the shit comes out of his mouth. And he doesn’t give a fuck about any of you either.

Rod Wheeler is now suing Fox News because of that cute little incident. And Fox News was forced to retract their Seth Rich story, basically admitting that it was fake news.
And unlike real news organizations, they didn’t fire anyone for pushing that story.

So that’s what Fox News is and that’s who Trump is. Yet some people just can’t see the writing on the wall.


I find myself agreeing with you here rather then with @trucker . I also understand and feel with you on the frustration when it comes to communicating on the subject. Still, alluding to lack of intelligence may be needlessly offensive and remove from the content and the actual argument you are providing instead of adding to it, and I very much appreciate and enjoy your actual content and argument. That puts me in a bad place, because I agree with what you say, but not with how you say it. Not to say that I haven’t been occasionally needlessly offensive myself, by any means - in fact I claim zero moral superiority either way, even though I do remain strongly convinced of there being a right and a wrong (both a moral and a factual one).

Hope you don’t mind me saying that.


Being a bit of a dick is a part of my overall charm.


It is so sad that “fox news bad” is repeated over and over yet I don’t see any actual links to FNC

midpoint of article:
“A study by Veteran Intelligence Officers for Sanity concluding that the theft of DNC e-mails during the 2016 presidential campaign was not a “Kremlin hack,” as is almost unanimously alleged, but instead, an insider leak, goes unreported in mainstream media and thus undiscussed.”

Who are Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity? Well let’s see :slight_smile:

"Oh wait! The Nation is controlled by Fox news and Putin!"
Well even Mother Jones holds Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity in high regard:

"But Fox news and putin, Fox news and putin…"