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How Was Hillary Clinton's Email Server Hacked?


Goodness me, even after the CNN hosts were caught admitting “Russian hacks” were a nothingburger there are still people going on about Russian influence…despite there being 0 evidence of that happening.


I agree with @Blunderbuss. It’s okay to be upset about the bullshit of the media but don’t direct that rage at other people.

I have to stop myself sometimes as well.

I believe OP’s question has been answered by now, let’s all hop onto a new thread.


That CNN host didn’t say that Russian hacks were a nothingburger. He said that Russia thing was a nothingburger. And we don’t know what the context of that conversation was because it’s just a couple of seconds. What we do know is that the video was taken by a group of people known for doctoring videos to advance their far-right agenda. They’re literally a fake news organization run by a convicted sociopath James O’Keefe. Without releasing a full video we’ll never know the real context. And why would someone trust O’Keefe and his version of the story, knowing his history?

Besides, It’s not like CNN can decide if there’s evidence or not. Almost immediately after that video was released it was discovered that Trump’s son held a meeting with that Russian lawyer/spy for the purposes of securing damaging intel on Hillary.

Ask yourself how is it possible that so many people in Trump’s campaign had so many undisclosed meetings with the Russians that they simply forgot about? We’re learning new things about their dealings almost on a daily basis.

Saying that there’s no evidence of Russian influence is a bit delusional. There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that dates back to 2015 when the FBI warned about it. And even before that there’s evidence that Trump had business dealings with Russians at least since the late 80’s. In 2013 his own son said in front of cameras that most of their financing for golf courses comes from Russia. And during the campaign Trump said that he didn’t have any dealings with Russians. Why does he keep lying about it?
Oh, and we’ve just learned that he sought a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the campaign.

Now compare that with Trump’s words and use some critical thinking. It’s not hard to arrive at a correct conclusion. Not even for those on the outside. You can only imagine the kind of stuff that Mueller already has on him.

The VIPS report from that article is what I was referring to when I said that the story of internal leak is designed for people who know nothing about computers. And nothing about technology, actually. At one point they’re even citing transfer speed as evidence that it was done locally. It’s laughable how badly it was put together. It was actually technically impossible for them to correctly arrive at a conclusion that it was or that it wasn’t a hack because intelligence agencies didn’t provide them with classified data. They based their entire analysis on the same data that is available to the rest of the public. And they managed to fuck that up as well. But they don’t care, because they know that people who buy into such stories aren’t technically savvy enough to see what’s wrong with it. It’s designed for a specific target audience like you.


This thread went from semi interesting security talk to tin foil in a heartbeat.




When OP put Hillary Clinton in the title I don’t think he counted on how jittery this place is about politics since we “can’t be having any of that now can we”

also OP hasn’t replied to their own thread in two days, bait thread is bait


I was just reading hoping you guys that are educated in InfoSec had anything…

Like the 20MB/s thing posted earlier, I assume that is roughly 160Mb/s. I heard that too, I just never really looked into it.


It’s almost like a bunch of you lack some sort of piece of brain function?

I dunno, well see what to do next.

In the mean time. There’s this button, its called “New Topic” you might have heard of it?

If you want to argue to each other about conspiracy theories and its not discussing “how was hillary clintons email server hacked” then make a new thread or shut up.


I never followed this closely enough to know what if any technical details were released or left for anyone to find out what exactly happened.

Heres some info

(the two links below may be biased in reporting, but read past that just for their info on the email server stuff)

The just seems to be that the hack was into an account. How they got it was probably guessing, a compromised computer of the person in question, or an email malware type of attack to get the login info.

It probably wasn’t very sophisticated, it almost never is.

The hack isn’t even the real problem though in this case. It was the likely improper use of a non-government system for handling sensitive information without proper controls.

I’d question if they even had the right people to setup and keep secure an email service when email is already notoriously finicky to run properly.


I’m kind of shocked there hasn’t been a major coverage on how it was hacked. Like a video questioning the matter. Like major news organizations making headlines about how it was hacked. Seems like it would give them a bunch of viewers/people interested.


I haven’t looked into it much so correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t there not much left for the FBI to investigate? I read/heard they got rid of the server.


I just don’t feel like reading books of text. I just want a straightforward answer. Jesus christ, can you not jump to conclusions in such a poor fashion at the very least.


it took you 6 months to say this?


No. I just gave up after the first few books, and I was looking back at older threads and i found this one.

You know what,

Yes. It took me 6 months to prepare a statement like that. Oh my god…

christ. really.


This has to be the best necro ever. Seriously.

My guess - metasploit.

That or she’s a typical end user and gave her creds away like every other end user does.


Its OP replying to his own thread so no.

Look I’m used to threads like this where a user will throw some hot button topic out in the wild like throwing a match on a gasoline doused pile of leaves and when people dont manage something like this I get incredibly suspicious

But you getting hot and bothered like this doesnt help anything



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