How to remove a ubuntu partition properly

I read this post:

but it’s old and prob refers to MBR.

I have a new system with UEFI installed ubuntu 20.04 and ubuntu 20.10 to the same SSD. GPARTED shows 3 partitions:
dev/sda1 fat32 boot,esp
dev/sda2 ext4
dev/sda3 ext4

Is it as simple as deleting dev/sda2 and running update grub?

There are two seperate things you are trying to do:

  1. Get rid of the version of UBUNTU you no-longer want and
  2. make better use of the space it used to take up.

Your suggested course of action:

Not quite, there is one more step which is to re-size your existing partition in order to make use of the space you just freed up. How to do this depends on weather or not you are using LVM (logical volume management).

The easiest way to tell what kind of volumes you are using is to look at /etc/fstab

here’s what you’d do with LVM

here’s what you’d do without LVM

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NOTE: it is easy to make a mistake which will destroy data while re-sizing a partition, make sure your backups are current first!

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thank you. yes i love parted. partition resizing is something the equivalent ‘computer management’ control panel cannot do in windows nor can disk utility on mac do.