How to Backup/Restore Encrypted Windows Boot Drive? (TrueNAS?)


I’ve currently resigned from using slowish AF motherboard chipset software RAID solutions for Windows 10’s boot volume (cp. Critiquing: Really shitty AMD X570 (also B550) SATA SSD RAID1/10 performance - Sequential Write Speed Merely A Fraction Of What It Could Be :( ).

I would like to use a large PCIe Gen4 NVMe drive (7.68 TB) for Windows and local stuff and encrypt it with BitLocker, but completely in software, not on the more common firmware level.

(You can enable this in gpedit.msc even for the boot drive. Yes, this eats a bit of performance but Microsoft’s BitLocker driver is still much faster than VeraCrypt’s, for example)

In the past I was happy just backing up individual files/folders to an external NAS and re-installing the operating system and programs manually.

But I’ve just realized when doing a complete re-install how much I hate this process and would like to be prepared for the case of a sudden drive failure I had previously not an issue with due to the use of RAID1/10.

Can someone compose a recipe how to do a complete bootable backup and restore it to a separate drive that is also using BitLocker encryption after the process has finished?

It would be fine if I had to boot up a Windows system that in turn gets the data from the NAS and writes it to the empty spare drive that is attached locally.

  • Scenario A: A drive with the exact same amount of available space/exposed sectors

  • Scenario B: A drive with differing amount of space (but of course larger than the actually used space on the original drive)

Thanks for any advice!

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