How Men Make Hotdogs


Even with this hangover ... that looks pretty good ...

I'll add some beard to it as a garnish next time

Real men toast bread in the toaster and then cook the dot dogs in the same toaster.

you forgot the first step.

move out of parents house.


Needs bacon.

Real men don't eat junk with no nutritious value. Hot dogs are a disaster waiting to happen. In the long run, nothing good can come out of eating that crap. Unless you're a fan of colon cancer and things of such nature.

Sound like you have low T. There are pills for that.

P.S. Real men eat blood sausage for the blood God!

Real men eat whatever the fuck they want.

Gotta give blood to the blood god or else it will rend your flesh real man or not.

get yourself some of that MAN FOOD)))))

Maybe men will find it more attractive to eat hot dogs if hot dogs contained garlic and tumeric with black pepper.

Oh my god, now Im hungry at 3am

I'm just health-conscious.

Obviously Real Men (TM) die early of bowel cancer and heart disease before they turn 40

"This site is full of betas"


God damn... granite counter tops, but using paper plates?  Add some extra flavor next time by butterflying the hotdogs, then frying them on both sides... finish the final product with grated sharp cheddar.

i love hotdogs. too bad they are poison.

mmmmh processed meat !

1.50 hotdogs /drink at costco.