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How fast is a P5800X Optane?

Pretty fast.

Sequential Read: 5981MB/s IOPS=5
Sequential Write: 4780MB/s IOPS=4

512KB Read: 4591MB/s IOPS=9183
512KB Write: 4179MB/s IOPS=8359

Sequential Q32T1 Read: 6727MB/s IOPS=210
Sequential Q32T1 Write: 5327MB/s IOPS=166

4KB Read: 485MB/s IOPS=124274
4KB Write: 421MB/s IOPS=107824

4KB Q32T1 Read: 1449MB/s IOPS=371098
4KB Q32T1 Write: 995MB/s IOPS=254954

4KB Q8T8 Read: 6098MB/s IOPS=1561194
4KB Q8T8 Write: 5051MB/s IOPS=1293087

… and you can get even faster with a bit of tuning!

1 thread on the drive:

fio s: 1 (f=1): [r(1)][1.3%][r=228MiB/s][r=467k IOPS][eta 59m:14s]
… maxes out the cpu core at 467k iops

3 jobs:
(f=3): [r(3)][0.4%][r=652MiB/s][r=1335k IOPS][eta 59m:46s]
… Not bad!!

4 jobs (!?):
^Cbs: 4 (f=4): [r(4)][0.1%][r=857MiB/s][r=1755k IOPS][eta 59m:55s]

5 jobs (!!)
^Cbs: 5 (f=5): [r(5)][0.4%][r=1064MiB/s][r=2180k IOPS][eta 59m:45s]

6 jobs?:
^Cbs: 6 (f=6): [r(6)][0.4%][r=1274MiB/s][r=2610k IOPS][eta 59m:45s]

It takes six I/O jobs maxing out 5 cores to clear 2 million iops on just one drive. Holy smokes! That’s fast

Okay, real talk time… real world this is likely to be closer to 2 million I/Ops, not 2.6, but… that’s a mind-blowing figure for just 4 PCIe lanes.

At least on this 3995WX test system.

For comparison the PCIe4 Kioxia CM6:


Sequential Read: 4417MB/s IOPS=4
Sequential Write: 1162MB/s IOPS=1

512KB Read: 2514MB/s IOPS=5029
512KB Write: 1089MB/s IOPS=2179

Sequential Q32T1 Read: 4596MB/s IOPS=143
Sequential Q32T1 Write: 1175MB/s IOPS=36

4KB Read: 42MB/s IOPS=10780
4KB Write: 330MB/s IOPS=84568

4KB Q32T1 Read: 1005MB/s IOPS=257357
4KB Q32T1 Write: 909MB/s IOPS=232934

4KB Q8T8 Read: 1596MB/s IOPS=408615
4KB Q8T8 Write: 1082MB/s IOPS=277206


what shady deep web site did you find selling them already?




A bit disappointing that they aren’t the fastest ones when looking at the sequential results - thought Intel stated that second-gen Optanes are the be the best in every regard?

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it’s about 7.8 gigabytes/sec in the best case scenario for the drive. Depends on how it’s tested. Also capacity matters. This is the 800gb one, the 400gb one will be a bit slower.


Hmm I wonder how much this would speed up code compilation, or at least Visual Studio C++ project loading times. For C++ compilation I saturate my CPU regularly but I DO see spikes to the 10s or 100s of milliseconds of average response time on my Corsair Force MP600.

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For loading billions of small files? Yeah it’s fast. If you have gobs of ram to cache the difference is less noticable tho


Amazing video, thanks for the great info on new optane tech. Can’t believe Intel RST says wtf to it…thats a loss for them. The recommendation for primo cache is a great one and I AM LOVING it! Even with my puny 900P…lol


Might have to take my 900p back from my wifes rig but deff dont have enough pcie lanes left.
3 m.2 (500/1tb/2tb), 10gbe and GPU on x570

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Totally worth it…M.2 to PCIE? lol It’s so worth it.

added edit no slots could maybe biforcate the 1 8x lane but idk maybe ill just move the 2tb back to the usb adapter and lose some speed

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Gain it back with the optane… It really made a huge difference for me. Worth the few bucks for the software. And its very flexible software, minus being tied to one motherboard, but you can call them to change it for you from what I read.

I remember disliking $1 gig for the 900p when i got it its like that much used now if not more last i checked.


I got lucky, I found the 280GB for $100 used on ebay. Won the bid last minute. It is pricey. I’m not even using it at it’s full potential just gaming with it so far. But the load times and boot times…just wow. Even like @wendell said in the video compared to NVME (well at least 3.0 I have, not sure of 4.0) it’s a nice boost.

wow steal of a price


One thing I did right today…lol Also, fairly sure Chia Miners want them at this time so prices may have climbed a bit.


FYI i found out yesterday that if you didnt claim the star citizen ship that came with the 900p drives… by dec 2018… you wont ever get it


NOOOOOOOO…thats not fair.


I have two codes that ive been saving… and now i’ll never get the ship, heard someone i knew had the game… and I gave one of the codes to him…

but denied.


Right yeah a massive amount of small files. The Unreal Engine source repo (will 404 if you didn’t accept ToS: has over 120k files BEFORE configuring/compiling, of which 90k+ are code files averaging ~17KB in size.