How do i uninstall old drivers without access to my old card?

I just got a new graphics card and i am trying to install it. Meaning, i have physically installed it, but when i turn on my computer it leads to the mobo screen, windows loading, and then a black screen. From a bit of research i am assuming it is because i have not uninstalled the drivers from my old graphics card. The problem is that i don't have that card anymore. This is because i delivered it to customer service from the shop i bought it, so they could check if it really was broken, and if i would get something back on the warranty.

So im wondering if there is any way for me to uninstall the old drivers without access to my computer desktop. I would really appreciate any advice from you guys!

when you boot your computer, spam F8 until you get boot mode select screen. then select VGA graphics.

I tried this but it didn't work. Are you sure it is F8 for all computers?

if it is windows yes. spam press is about the only way to get it to prompy. the window to press the key is too small.

Weird, it won't work. I've tried spamming it several times now, but it just does the same thing. When is the window to press the button around? Like is it after the motherboard screen or?

yep after the motherboard screen

Not working. Even after some intense spamming it leads me to the windows loading screen followed by a black screen. It may be worth noting that i can see, and move the mouse during the black screen. Not sure if that is relevant

might try and disable uefi boot

How do i do that?

go into your bios and disable stuff like fast boot and/or uefi boot.

Not working

what os are you using?

I am using windows 10

ok thats the problem, try this.

So do i boot the pc from my old windows 7 disk?

you dont have a win 10 install media?

No. I used the free upgrade to get windows 10. The original OS i bought with the pc was windows 7

might as well try. to see if it works.

the command would not work for the windows 7 installer. I tried it several times

this may or may not be a good idea, but when you attempt to start windows and forcefully shut it off (By holding the power switch) and turn it back on. i should ask you if you want to boot into safe mode.