How do i uninstall old drivers without access to my old card?

Nope. Same thing happens o-o

ok lets try and fly blind. boot into windows and login and press (WINDOWS)+R and type cmd.exe and hit enter. then type shutdown /r /o

But i can't log in to windows. Windows button + R didnæt work in any of the other screen either

thats why you have to fly blind. you cant see what your doing. cant think of much else than that other than burning a windows 10 iso and try to enter that command.

Windows Key + R
Type 'msconfig' (WITHOUT QUOTES)
Select Boot Tab
Bullet Safe Mode with Networking.

Using System Configuration (msconfig)

cant see the screen.

Oh i see. Still didn't work though

does your computer have intergrated graphics?

No, It's an amd fx-8350 build


AMD fx-8350
xfx R9 380 (new gpu) MSI 660ti PE (old gpu)
Corsair 600w psu
16GB crucial RAM
Gigabyte 990xa motherboard

get to a command promt and enter "bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal" and the "shutdown /r"

Where do i find a command promt wth no access to windows?

this is how.

Doesn't work

command doesnt work or no command promt luck?

Well i can't see anything, It's all black.

i know. thats why you have to do this without seeing what you are doing and hope for the best.

yeah, and nothing happened. Im not sure if the command promt popped up or not, but i typed in the command carefully in case it did behind the black screen. However it didn't work

If I am not mistaken to get into the recovery mode for Windows 10 it is f10.
Then you have to look around in the screen that pops up for boot into safe mode with networking option. Once you get it booted up into safe mode with networking you need to download DDU click link

run DDU and have it uninstall and not reboot once complete. after it is done you need to download the latest AMD drivers then you can restart the pc. after reboot wait for Windows to install defalt drivers then install the AMD drivers and you should be good.