Hotel ransomed by hackers as guests locked out of rooms

Very Interesting. They locked the guests out of their rooms, until the hotel paid the ransom. Guess they didn't know about the crowbar trick...


And this is why you don't attach your physical system to the internet... Because who does that.

Nice though, another industry I can add to my list of people who pay the ransoms.

It's sad that there isn't a more effective way to deal with it (except better security of course)


My honest question who the hell thinks they are in the security business if their product connects to the internet? why would you do this?


Bahahaha, this is great!

Now if only there was some way that a metal object could be inserted into a mechanical device, with pins specific to that metal object, that would only allow the person with that specially sized metal object to enter the room.

Just a thought.

Or a crowbar does the trick quite well, in my own experience.


Internet of Shit problem. Use two different networks for this sort of thing. People need to stop siding with convenience over security. Or shit like this happens. Its really not that complicated of a problem.

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So if all the doors can be locked, could they all be unlocked. Sure they got 1500 but this is more worrying as a proof of concept. A coordinated team and all the doors unlocked could net you a lot more cash.

Even a slower attack opening doors one by one on command dressed as an employee. You could make out of there with a lot of nice stuff.

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very clever blackmail

You'd think with all the hacking news people would be more cautious or at least educate themselves slightly... haven't read the article yet but from everyone's reactions so far I imagine it's pretty bad.

Welp, I read it... seems like they're heading the right direction with good ol reliable keys. But damn... you think they'd put someone on the job after a couple of attacks to figure out the security flaws and lock it down before shit hit the fan... But for a hacker with ransomware attacking businesses is extremely lucrative. Downtime is extremely costly so any way to minimize that is beneficial for the company (relative to the downtime of course... it all hurts them) so more often than not the company will pay up.

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Turns out they are switching to a key system now