So I'm Locked Out of My Own Hotel Room

So, we get in our room just fine, and we leave soon afterwards.
I realized I forgot my concert tickets for later tonight, and went to go get them. Tried my key and it didn't work. No light flash on the NFC reader. (battery in nfc reader is dead)

I bring this problem to the front desk, and they say they can't replace the battery, so they are gonna go get the crowbar. They apparently don't have the device required to recharge these fucking things.


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I don't travel much but I've yet to see a hotel use NFC keys.

They are actually RFID.
I just read the tag.

Well I wasn't arguing the protocol, just saying I've never seen anything like that in a hotel. I've seen them used for secure locations, for home, etc but just never at a hotel. Shoulda figured it'd just be a bit of time before it happened.


It's kinda ridiculous the hotel has no way of recharging the freaking things. They have 400 rooms, and the key either works, or they get a crowbar.
What a joke.


They might find the charger, or they might bring a crowbar. Guess we'll wait and see.

I just looked the reader up, appears to run off 3 standard AA batteries, I wonder if they're just tucked in behind the PCB.

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So the front connector might be an override, or a way to update the code on the door.

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They sent the manager with the override key to the wrong room. I tried to tell the manager this when I saw her, but she directed me to the front desk and said I had to verify my ID before she could open my door.

OH MY FREAKING DOG. I better get some free shit out of this.


Ask for another night for free. :D

Or for free Coffee.

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I'd settle for a free case of beer of my choosing.


ask for a free crowbar for starters.


UPDATE: They had to crowbar it.

The only way to replace the batteries is from the inside, lol.

Batteries dead? Get the crowbar.


I hope the crowbar tech's name was Gordon Freeman.


Nah, it was a some 20 something girl that weighed maybe 95 pounds. Lol, took her a couple minutes. I offered to help, but she was adamant that she could do it.

We were told to leave our door propped open when we left so they could change the batteries on the door. Good thing we only have a change of clothes in our room.

I have this feeling that it's still gonna be propped open when we get back, so it's whatever. We leave in the morning anyway.

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I'm surprised that these stupid locks don't come with a physical key bypass. I know that the company that makes these locks offers that option.

But why make it option if the only way to change a stupid AA battery is to get a damn crowbar?

with that amount of effort you should get a extra day free

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I've been to a couple hotels within the past 2 years, and they all had NFC card readers. Heck, even my friends hotel uses NFC card readers for the tenants.


well to be honest if the batteries where on the other side i would have figured out a way to short it

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