Hopping on the iphone bandwagon

Alright, it’s time.

I need some advice on where to jump in.

I’m really focusing on TCO here, rather than anything else. I want this device to last me 3-5 years, and I really don’t need it to do much.

Camera: I don’t really give a shit, I know apple prides themselves in their cameras, but I don’t care.

Storage: I’ve been getting away with 32GB for the last 3 years. I’ll be fine with the minimum

Display: I like pixels, but I like battery life more.

Battery: It must last at least a day.

Other considerations:

  • I’d like to be able to transfer files across it on Linux, not sure how/if that works…
  • I’d like to figure out how to back it up. on Android, I’d been making full DD backups nightly to my NAS, using a raspberry pi built into my night stand that I plug the phone into, I imagine iphone has some sort of backup feature.
  • I refuse to switch to bluetooth headphones. Advise me please? (already have good headphones, just want to use them. 3.5mm jack)

That’s about it, I’m mostly trying to decide between the XS and the XR at this point as well as trying to determine if there are any major hiccups to doing so.


My thoughts from the other thread

I hear good things about the XR however that’s new so on the more expensive side. for 3+ years support you want a phone that’s no more than 3 years old as apple seems to be targeting around 5-6 years for the phone support these days as far as i can tell.

(one thing i wish apple would do is be more clear on EOL. While google has a super crappy 2-3 years support they explicitly set EOL dates. Apple seems to be going for 5-6 years now but don’t have specific dates for their phones)

There’s probably no reason you couldn’t get a second hand iPhone 8 perhaps from someone upgrading?

The 4.7 inch is £600 new. The iPhone 7 4.7 inch is £500 new. These are only 1 year, and 2 years old.

You can see a good table of their currently supported phones here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPhone#History_and_availability

I’ve honestly been liking using it. It has its quirks but i think ive been liking it more than android. Plus there’s the lack of the Google mas surveillance.

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You get what you get with an iPhone, they have decent battery. The XR has the best battery, considerably more than the XS. Both will last a day.


Lightning dongle, and keep it permanently attached to your headphone cables, it’s nothing more than a cable exentsion, almost zero bulk added.



It’s more secure than your local NAS, Fite me.

Sharing my wife’s and I experience with our iPhone 6S Pluses I think you’ll enjoy anything beyond them. We easily get a whole day’s battery life out of them, and they’re no slouch on loading anything either. The pixels are nice, and anything higher resolution becomes preference I believe. My wife does tend to run out of storage every now and again, but she also has more local music on hers and I have the 128GB (I think?) as well. I can’t speak on the headphones portion since both of ours still have the 3.5mm jack included. For backups I have heard iCloud is great for automatic things such as settings, and the iTunes backup has worked perfectly for us each time as well.

Good luck on your journey and definitely make sure to let us know what you choose and your experiences!

I just don’t want to pay.

and I want a full backup.

What are you looking to back up?

You get five gigs free.

As long as you skip pics and emails(which you should) the five gigs are sometimes enough.

I guess that’s exactly it. I don’t really know how the ios backup works.

I did full storage backups (of everything from /) on android, so it turned out to be about 30GB per backup.

That sounds like it could work. IDK.

Can I use itunes to make a local backup if I install a shudder osx vm? I mean, go and legally purchase a used apple laptop

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this dropped my jaw. that is cool

i use SFTP to backup Android via an app called FolderSync to my linux box regardless of in house or not. 16Gb storage, need to move my cat pictures off to make room sometimes

Yes, windows also.


Honestly for backing up just the OS to make sure you can restore it seamlessly iCloud has been great, as well as iTunes. For photos/etc. you should probably just perform those backups to your NAS and/or some other cloud service. You can make a local backup through iTunes super easily, and it works 10/10 (from our experiences)

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I zip-tied it to the back of my night stand, it uses fastboot/adb to do the backup when it detects the phone is plugged in and streams the backup via wifi to my nas.

Perfect, that’ll do.

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Mentioned my thoughts on this before. a few options.

the photos / DCIM folder is supported natively on Linux.

Documents folder is supported natively as well, although this is a weird structure because its “documents” of documents on your iphone not icloud drive.

However im generally not sharing files via a direct connection if i to share files its usually through either google drive to people, or though something like an SMB share (i use a app called “Documents” by Readdle, its pretty nice.)

There’s also ifuse ive just tested this. It works, folders all display. But havent set it up correctly yet to see exactly how well its supported. Shows up though, mounts, and displays in the file manager with all the right folders. (just dont have permission as i did it as root)

There’s no icloud/itunes support

It backs it self up on icloud. You can also backup using itunes. Maybe theres also other 3rd part ways?

Honestly… im not a huge cable fan for headphones with phones. I seem to have become a bluetooth convert (for phones at least). Its nice. But theres always the few dollar lightning to 3.5mm converter. Never got what the fuss was about.

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Ye if you’re OK with local backups it’s no issue.

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perfect. I just don’t like clouds. I know it’s irrational, but I’m taking baby steps here.

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" fappening"

I thought that was google drive.

EDIT: nevermind, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICloud_leaks_of_celebrity_photos

Gdrive is just dangerously insecure, but apparently no celebs have nudes there. (too bad)