Honda e

Anyone else excited about the Honda e?

Fully electric. No wing mirrors, cameras instead. These images are apparently very close to what will ship, with the massive screens etc. Even the rear view mirror is a screen.

It’s a compact car, tiny turning circle, quiet and refined. One pedal driving and other mod cons. 80% charge in 30 minutes, which means it will pull 70+kW from a CCS charger.

Only down sides are that the range is 200km / 160 miles from a 35kWh battery. Price not revealed yet, they said £25-35k which is a massive range. If it’s closer to the lower end it could be a great car.


YES! Unfortunately I can’t drive yet but this is the car I would want if I could right now.

I am still skeptical about those wing mirror cameras, or more specifically the screens and low light/night time performance.

I expect it to be on the higher end of the scale, 30-35k. I would be nice if there were bigger battery options.

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I love the camera side mirrors and the screen dash and style. I need it! But not available in the states. :frowning:


I thought it’d be only a concept car.
The design resembles a VW Golf too much, for my taste.

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Not my cup of tee. I have Honda Jazz i-VTEC and the range is 714km.

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I’m always in when it comes to electric cars but I don’t get why they don’t try to keep them a bit simpler and try to put them like they belong in 2050. That won’t help sell those cars in my opinion. What sells electric cars is the driving experience and the range (which is what most people are concerned with). I personally don’t care to have camera mirrors which are expensive, use power that could be used to do one more mile and will surely be a pain in the back side to replace is someone side swipes you. And I don’t care about distracting 50" screens that will lit up the whole car at night (which is a bad thing for me).
A very responsive infotainment is what I really wish every manufacturer used. Smartphones fly, car screens (let this expression slide lol) are dismally slow.
I’m getting tired of loud every day cars.

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I assume that’s on full charge below 60mph?

At 80% charges that’s 128 miles. So let’s say 120 at 70mph

An 8 hour trip from London to Glasgow would take 10 hours with 4 stops to refuel. Given that your not going to run it to zero it’s more likely 5-6 stops so approximately 11 hours of realistic travel for an 8 hour journey.

This is always the same problem for me. Electric cars are going backwards not forwards, and are far to expensive still.

Maybe if they can do 300 miles at 70mph we can talk. :confused:


I don’t understand that either.
It can not be so hard to take the same shell as before, nearly the same dashboard and sit it on an electric chassis…

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WLTP rating. It’s hard to say without real world tests because it depends very much on the aerodynamics of the car. Based on my experience with the Leaf I’d say it’s probably realistic at 65 MPH average.

Is not what this car is designed for. They made that choice deliberately with the 35kWh battery. Likely because it costs a lot of money to develop a super efficient car, and it ends up being compromised in other ways (the Tesla Model 3 and current efficiency king the Hyundai Ioniq are both extremely low).

Having said that, A Better Route Planner says that London to Glasgow would take 9 hours in a Leaf 30 so should be a little less in this car, if you were to attempt such a journey for some reason.

[quote=“Zibob, post:2, topic:146566, full:true”]I am still skeptical about those wing mirror cameras, or more specifically the screens and low light/night time performance.

I expect it to be on the higher end of the scale, 30-35k. I would be nice if there were bigger battery options.

The cameras are supposed to be better than mirrors. No need to adjust them for the driver, wider angle than a typical mirror and with night vision enhancement. We shall see I guess.

I have a pre-order, but if the price and finance is silly I’ll have to cancel. I wish there was a bigger battery option but the only regular long distance journey I’m looking at is 250 miles so two charges, maybe 3 for if the weather is bad, only adding about 45 minutes to the 5 hour journey. I can live with that for the comfort, the lack of emissions, and the extremely low cost of the “fuel”.

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It wouldn’t at all. It takes roughly 8 hours (or just slightly less in perfect conditions, which never happens) on a full tank to do 450 miles from London to glasgow with no stops. with a half hour stop every 120 miles or so to charge to 80% its just not possible to do it in less time. So the 9 hours is unfortunately unrealistic.

I realise this unfortunately, but it also seems there are no electric cars that can do decent ranges that aren’t the price of a small house, and i don’t have £1k a month to spend on a car :frowning:

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Hat the funny thing the one you see above is the production model. They had that pretty much fully complete and then made as concept based on then production model to show at the shows. So odd to do it backward.

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There is no way I’d punish myself with an 8 hour drive anyway, so it’s irrelevant to me and I suspect most people. If I was forced to do it I’d just rent a car anyway, no point putting 2k miles on my personal one. The fuel savings for the rest of the time easily pay for that.

It’s only worth getting a huge battery if you regularly do insane distances. Anyway, this isn’t about EVs in general, it’s about this car.

You are using freedom units confused. All your stuff is kmpL etc no?

450 miles, but yeah i get your point. I regularly put 10k miles on my car a year or more depending on travel.

Its a good idea on the hire car. though it would add to cost, however my car is all paid for, i realise a lot of people just constantly have car payments instead so it may be a better alternative.

On the price i wonder if its 25k with discounts… but even then 25k sounds cheap i’m not sure i trust that price. Its interesting with the wing mirrors as i thought this was something Tesla wanted to do first?

In the UK roads are in miles and mph and miles per gallon, however getting fuel is priced in litres and no one actually knows what a gallon is here anymore.

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Lol 1/2 converted so weird

I do 10k miles/year too, but more spread out. A lot of it depends on your daily commute.

I think Tesla said something about cameras instead of mirrors but couldn’t get regulatory clearance for it. Maybe it’s a problem in the US where this car isn’t sold. Then again Audi wanted to do it too apparently but couldn’t get it cleared.


Yeah, it’s stupid. Also remember that our gallons are not the same as US gallons.

Shorter distances in the UK are measured in metric, e.g. signs will say “Tourism office 800m”. Temperature primarily in Celsius but also Fahrenheit sometimes.

For EVs they use mi/kWh in the UK, where as everywhere else is usually Wh/km.

Hmm, not really. Quite frankly, I think the car looks rediculous. The front looks like it was in a head-on collision with a wall, and the interior looks like a window sill.

I like the idea of electric cars (despite the lack of engine sound), but I really have no idea what a lot of companies are smoking when designing these multipla-tier things. Unless it actually looks like a car, I’m not particularly interested.

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