Home server room build. Reply to Atomic_Charge

O jeesh yeah your right. I ment to say Raid 1. I just have two 1TB drives mirrored. I would however like to spend some time getting FreeNAS to work. Its just on the back burner for now.

Oh ok FreeNas or Rockstor are solid choices. Unless MS releases ReFS for Windows server soon. That could be nice.

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I am running a raid 0 in the Dell server with two 15k drives. I store a image of the os so when it fails Its not much work setting it up again.

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Oh ok, I was wondering what the dark area on the wall was. It kinda looks like fire proofing, and you were adding the foam for sound dampening.

This actualy brings up a very good topic! Sound proofing! The pink foam block insulation in this room is for heat retention. Those are exterior walls that have the foam behind the drywall. I live in the frozen tundra of SD lol! Also in the summer it will help keep the room cool.

Now for sound proofing....
First off i'm in no way a audio or recording room pro but this is what I know. I have built a few homes from the ground up and have done quite a bit of work in hotels. Sound proofing is a big deal. An interior wall is made up of wood framing usually 3 1/2" thick then a layer of drywall fastened to both sides. That doesn't stop sound very well at all. Putting insulation of any kind in the stud cavities will prevent sound from echoing through the empty space but not from passing through the wall. I will upload a sketch of how this works. In my house we placed a cloths closet between our bedroom and the server room to help with this. I will post pictures of my sound proofing plan and how it works. There are some cool materials that work awesome for sound proofing!

So what do you guys think on color scheme? Red and black or blue and black?

Icy reserve or fiery passion? Which one do you want to associate with the server?

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You said you wanted a back splash thing for the server room? I had the idea to do some black and blue traces (black PCB, blue traces). Then maybe if you want to take the time put hidden messages in it> Looks awesome by the way, I wish I had a room I could do that in. And the funds, that's important too.

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Orange and black. Haven't seen a lot of places with that color scheme. Most do green/blue and black so would be nice to see something like this.

A good color scheme would be black and some shade of blue).

As far as computer themes go, maybe some binary or random code gibberish, or maybe circuitry (I'm not sure how feasible either of those would be)?

Im liking the ideas!

Uploading... Uploading...

This is a very rough sample of the effect I want to get and how I am going to get it. The orange-ish red theme will go well with some future projects i have planed.

Keep in mind this is a very rough sample just to make sure it will turn out about how I wanted.


This is what I got done yesterday. I have a strip made for the lower shelf but need to get more lights before installing it. I have decided to go a little out of the box with the aesthetics of this server room. I wanted the glowing trim to look like tracers that where melted, overheated, maybe arcing a bit. Also most server rooms look extremely sleek and under control. Because my server room is largely for hosting LAN parties and building gaming rigs ect. I want it to look organized but a little out of control and have some grunge elements.


I love the look of that, nice job!

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Very nice looking. Wish the wife would let me put an area like this in our basement.

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I'm lucky for sure!! But I think in part my wife let me do this because she got tired of PC builds taking up the kitchen table! She does keep campaigning for some storage space in my server room! lol

Lower trim is in just waiting on lights.

Gotta post those pics with the room light off man.

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Well yeah, normally that would be cool. When I try to take a picture with the lights off it kinda destroys the desired effect. Using my cell phone camera so that's most likely part of it. Looks more like the "lights on pics" with the naked eye. I could also add a opaque layer in front of the back lighting to defuse the glow. As of now it shines through to harsh in the pics.

The first one is looking really nice.

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