Home server room build. Reply to Atomic_Charge

First of all this is a on going project. So it wont have a completion date of one month. But you all may like to see what we have been and are doing with our home.

Ok so here is the run down. I will try and keep this to the point.

We bought a home May of 2015, I am a renovation professional, and my wife and love computers and gaming.

The home we bought needs a lot of work, thats cool for us and we got it dirt cheep in a nice neighborhood.

Here is the basement when we moved in:


That is going to take a lot of work and time. Kind of great. Looking forward for updates on this.

Here is what it looks like now, same shot roughly.

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Thanks! It has and will take a lot of work.

here is what most of you will be most interested in.

I could really use some help and ideas for this part.

Ok...... So the server room is a work in progress. Our family is big in to LAN parties so I had to throw this together with very little time just to get the house up and running. We literally spend Christmas get together playing PC games for 75% of the time LMFAO!! Its true grandpa at age 61 plays L4D2 and loves War Thunder!! so we have like 10 computers set up at times!


This is just amazing.
Looks like a lot of fun.

First thing I need opinions about, I made these back splashes for a restaurant bathroom. I want to do something like this for the server room to finish off the framing holding up the work bench. Would any of you have some good computer themed ideas and or color schemes?

The back splashes are back lit.


Thanks man!!

Hot damn. this is very cool. Need to take a minute and check out all these images to make sense of this madness!

I bet if you provided @DeusQain with yummy food and good cider, he'd just move in there and start working. Give him a few weeks and you'd have some sort of datacenter in there :D


looks awesome. do you like the foam better than insulation?

Good question! This is a below ground basement with pored concrete walls. So in this case i don't need a 4" thick framed wall for strength. I can use 2" walls attached to the pored concrete. That saves space but i cant fit fiberglass insolation in that space and if i did it would have very low "R" value. So in this case foam is the best choice. On a above ground wood framed wall i would not use the foam.

I see those switches what all are you running for the servers?

Wow that's crazy, love the bathroom/sink design. I just moved into my new home and I have a lot of ideas of things I want to redo.

Keep it up!


I have a dell power edge 2950 that host game servers on. 7 Days to Die, ARK, Savage Lands. What ever our group wants to play at the time. Then i have a box that i tried to set up FreeNAS but ended up with windows and raid 0 as storage. I have a lot more plans for home security ect but just haven't had time as of yet.

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Cool beans. I would look at taking another crack at the storage raid 0 isn't the safest thing in the world. I have had two raid zero arrays fail on me after two years.