Highspeed NAS/SAN with zfs (theory crafting) 2.0

Here’s and update to this thread, in another Jonsbo case.

  • Jonsbo N3 $150
  • SuperMicro X10SDV-4C-TLN2F $250 used from ebay
  • 64GB 4X16GB DDR4-17000R 2133Mhz ECC Reg $110 used from ebay
  • SFX power supply, 350W less known brand $50
  • m.2 to 6-port sata M-key adapter $15 (goes into the motherboard)
  • PCIe x16 to x8 + 2x m.2 nvme $15
    Total: $590

Now what is this monstrosity? It’s a 4C/8T Xeon with 64GB ecc ram, 2x 10GbE, with space for 1x ssd (os), 8x 3.5 disks (data), 2x m.2 nvme (small files cache), and a low profile pcie card (graphic card for plex).

You can get away with a cheaper motherboard but then you’ll have to drop ecc memory and 10GbE.